Donnerstag, 6. Mai 2010

Diese Welt..

sie macht mich mal wieder unglaublich krank.
Dieser graue Alltag, den einige an den Tag legen, ist wirklich belastend.
Nun ja, ich bin weit davon entfernt einen interessanten Alltag zu haben aber das liegt einfach nur daran, dass mir die Möglichkeiten fehlen.
Es gibt Dinge, die man oft nicht so schnell ändern kann.
Um dem  grauen Alltag zu entfliehen muss ich wohl diesen Ort verlassen. in ein neues Abenteuer das man dennoch mit Vorsicht genießen sollte

Latest Hideki pics on mixi found LOL

Well Geo found it..anyway its form 2007..but I somehow found it funny...the fun fact small that other guy whoever he is looks like next to him XDDDDD

Thinking of that...It's TIM on the right *__* the Hideki x Tim love existed even then! It's not a dead shipping XD

but that guy is really small.:I wonder how tall he is o_o he must be even smaller than myself...about..I don't know...1,60m or something probably :O  anyway..sorry for the rant. I don't bring much colour to your flist XD

And I noticed that the kpop period on my flist also stopped some months ago. It's like back then there were everyday spams about them..but's like no one is spamming anything anymore. People got tired of livejournal maybe. But don't worry..I will continue spamming you with my delusional fangirl shit :D

Which reminds me of. Siam Shade finally overtook Kanjani in my last fm. I never thought it would happen. Of course that doesn't mean anything in particular. Somehow it feels this will be a sad Kanjani year but I am not whining no. It's like..I can even fangirl about "dead" bands so even if there is not much's okay. There is still everyday stuff which you can fangirl about..even if it deeeeeply