Samstag, 8. Mai 2010


Even though I already spammed twitter with it, I do it here again because I am quite surprised.
I just started watching ”裏切りは僕の名前を知っている” Well honestly I didn't even finish the opening yet because it made me upset somehow.
Well not upset in a negative connections. It's like I somehow liked the vocals voice..but also wondered who he is since his voice was somehow familar to me. When I looked at the japanese Wikipedia to look who's singing it...well without checking who's RAYFLOWER I typed it in Youtube and found the half PV and then..I looked at it..and then..."NO WAY IT'S NOT HIM AGAIN. WHY IT'S HIM!"
I went to wikipedia right away and looked who are the band members..and once again...i was's the EX-WAIVE vocal.
He's chasing me everywhere, really...Strobo...and then he was like in 2 other bands..and then...I read just some weeks ago there is a WAIVE reunion. So I am really can he be in RAYFLOWER then. o_o

Well then I had the next shock because they have SAKURA (early EX-Larc) on drums. XDDD  Why does Sakura join them I
The shocking continued when I read IKUO as guitar..who is in still in BULLZEICHEN88 together with Junji *__* <3
After that the next shock came with YUKI (Ex-Dustar/ Aucifer) wasn't it like that Aucifer planned a reunion too?? XD
Well last shock then was the keyboarder EX-SOPHIA. Hideki just wrote recently about him that he should fight for his life coz he has cancer or something.

Well you probably don't really get my shock, you probably don't even know all those people but I find it just surprising that all those people are somehow connected with eachother. Like it's indirectly again a connection between Hideki and Junji <3 Not only that but I really liked 2 Waive songs ö___ö PLACE is my favourite..well it was already 6 years ago. XDD
That band somehow gives me nostalgia with those bandmembers. XD

Takayukisan has black nails. He tries to be evill...but I know that he fails..he's not really evil at all oô because he uses totally manly smileys like (´∀`)  in his blog xD  but he can't beat Junji..Junji has the cutest smileys of all o(・∀・)o ..well Daita also has them..but when daita uses them it seems gay to me XDDD
In the past I always called Takayuki "Schilo" because he has a slight squint xD