Mittwoch, 12. Mai 2010


Someone uploaded the WAIVE performance that I adored a lot 5 years ago...because it turned out as my favourite song of them XDD
Seeing it again after such a long time made me feel really nostalgic ö__ö though Yoshinori that guitar still annoys me a lot. He shouldn't sing..not even as second totally destroyed a song called "C" He simply can't sing he should give it up >__> no I am not talking about the vocal (Schilo 8D) I am  talking about that guitarist in this awful costume. How happy I am that he is not in Rayflower! *_*
Btw I saw the full version finally...aaaw as thought it has a nice short guitar solo and a nice piano line too in the highlight "zone" XD

Yippie~ spam over xDDD