Donnerstag, 20. Mai 2010


When I look on my flist right now there is actually no one in a johnnys hype right now. Not even me. xD
It looks like all have quite other interests right now...

BAILAMOOOOOOOOOOOS~ [info]itoshii_hito69  ;D

I didn't even watch the perverted kanjani clip
I am at it right now. It makes me wonder if I was always just ignoring Ryo's horniness or if he's really horny since 2010
In this case I could support this drug rumour which came up some months ago. lol
Oh Jesus perverted Bubu he can dare to touch yasus ass..his gf was upset for sure..but well..yasu wasn't upset either..maybe yasu just has something what we call "alibi gf" XD
aaah this was amazing really..Yokos nice formed ass and Hinas too long ass...and yeah...

Today I have an eyesight test...buuhuu T__T well I dont mind actually..just the fact that my glasses is fucking old and I never use it...and I want a new one but then again..I dont want to go to the optician because if you are at the optician it takes ages till they have finished everything...consultation takes ages =_=" Last time my mum needed a new glasses it took like 2 hours till we left again. this was so fucking annoying >___>

I just remembered that I have an ameblo blog...but yeah why should I use it since I use my mixi blog for all japanese stuff :(
In this way ameblo is quite uncomfortable too...
But in the end..I also have some other pages I started a hideki translation blog for his blogstuff...but you know this is a long way to go..really long...I don't know if I will ever be able to finish all of the last years XDDD

20 Mai 2010 @ 01:14

Butter-fly (Kouji Wada)                             →    Leb deinen Traum (Frank Schindel)
Brave Heart (Ayumi Miyazaki)                   →      Wir werden siegen (Frank Schindel)
Seven (Kouji Wada)                                    →       Vertrau mir (Frank Schindel)
Target ~Akai Shougeki~ (Kouji Wada)       →     Ich werde da sein (Frank Schindel)
Kaze (Kouji Wada)                                       →        Deine Chance (Frank Schindel
The biggest dreamer (Kouji Wada)              →         Der größte Träumer (Frank Schindel)
One Vision (Takayoshi Tanimoto)                →         Eine Vision (Frank Schindel)
EVO (WILD CHILD BOUND)                       →           Sei Frei (Fred Röttcher)
SLASH!! (Michihiko Outa)                                →        Spiel dein Spiel (Fred Röttcher)
Innocent ~Mujaki na mama de~ (Kouji Wada)      →        Flieg um die Welt (Frank Schindel)
Break up (Ayumi Miyazaki)                                  →        Wir drehn auf (Fred Röttcher)
Beat it (Ayumi Miyazaki)                                      →      Jetzt ist es soweit (Fred Röttcher)
With the Will (Kouji Wada)                                  →           Wenn du willst (Fred Röttcher)
Fire!! (Kouji Wada)                                              →            Wenn das Feuer in dir brennt (Frank Schindel)
Hirari (Kouji Wada)                                             →     Wolkenreiter (Frank Schindel)
The Last Element (Ayumi Miyazaki)                   →         Die Hyper Spirit Digitation (Frank Schindel)
Oreta Tsubasa de~With Broken Wings~ (Suzumura Ken'ichi)    →   With broken wings (Frank Schindel)
Salamander  (Junko Takeuchi)                             →      Salamder (Noel Pix)