Dienstag, 9. November 2010

09 November 2010 @ 22:05

"I somehow I hate my life, everyday i have to go to this and that place..blah it's so stressful..."
- "That's just because you finally have a life. The last 2 years you were only vegetating."
Thank you fat jobless guy for your kind words. But I will tell you one think...well I actually won't tell you cause I write it here.
What life means to you and what life means to me are 2 different kind of things. Working and stress is not life for me if there are not any happy moments. Speaking of that what you call "vegetating", it was more enjoying. It didn't make me feel more alive but it least I was a little bit happier.
What is a life if you are all the time tired..you get up tired..stay tired all day...go to bed..and wake up tired again. Too bad I want at least a little bit of my freetime..so I have to set priorities...enjoy my freetime to give me at least a few happy moments on one day, or sleep and sleep so that the whole day just consists of school, using vehicles, eating and sleeping. Yeah what a nice life. Especially it's full of variety.

Thinking like that...isn't life useless...