Freitag, 25. März 2011

Oh man

I am seriously lost for what I can continue using my livejournal.
Well personal things etc o.o
But recently I also started using tumblr for stupid simple stuff I would usually spam my lj for example...oh wait
In this entry I won't write down his name. It feels like my online world spins around him..and no one else but him..while in my real life
he doesn't even seem to exist except for the music...I mean...I dont talk about him in real life coz there is no one with whom I could talk about him. Well in the end there is need...ooh anyway
I was talking about tumblr right o.o
Well I do not have many friends there yet so if you have a tumblr..feel free to add me -> :DD

Also what I wonder lately is...why I had to remove myself from some of my important fandom online friends. Well basically it's those I have got to know via livejournal.

But I seriously can't like it...IT...I won't say what I mean coz this IT has several meanings.
In fact I have changed as well. It's not like I have changed on a grand scale coz in the end I am still the same. All I have to say heart was never capable to fangirl about more than one band and more than one person at the same time. So this is the result. And in those times when I was in a realtionship I wasn't able to fangirl at all. For others it sound weird but I can't fake it when I don't feel anything. So I prefer staying true to my heart and myself.

Anything else left for now? don't think so o.o

Samstag, 12. März 2011

It's been awhile!

Well I didn't finish the one week meme..coz something bad happened at work on the next day. But it's okay now I think... the meanwhile a lot of things happened as well.

Actually good ones but of course also bad ones.
But all things have something in common. They all seem so unreal to me. Both seem unreal.
The good one well...I lost bad conscience I got one year ago..and was able to did something I have never dreamt of. Got 3 message replies by my dearest Hideki <3  
Well it was basically a bad topic we talked about but in the last mail he was so kind..I thought I am exploding. Though I still don't get why he did it.
Anyway after that I didn't get any respond anymore..well bad timing I thought as well..coz like 36 hours later
the horrible thing in Japan occured. Well I won't write down my feelings about it here anymore.
My flist and everyone on twitter..etc said enough about it. I just's no use...after all nature is superior.

Well today I had to work like 10 hours coz I had to went to a vocational training..which was..well not so useful.
And then..yesterday when the horrible thing in Japan occured I also got the sad news that my 4 days off shrinked to 3..which sucks a lot..but I can't do anything about it.
Tomorrow night Counti will visit me at home till wednesday..I have never met counti yet although we are online buddys for 4-5 years already o.o
Anyway...I do not know what to talk about anymore xD