Montag, 3. Januar 2011

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Sorry guys, if you are de-friended anywhere by me lately it's not something personal at all. It's just that I am so annoyed by that shit lately that
I need to breathe. I am getting more and more annoyed by it everyday and can't stop showing my annoyance online regarding this topic, so I need to take this harsh step till It's getting better again.
I don't care anymore if you understand it or not but those who are the de-friended ones (not in lj cause lj is dead anyway) don't understand it anyway. No matter what I say it just turns out as blahblahblah and they are not able to understand it but you know I don't understand them either. It's not that I am attacking right now because I am butthurt but that's the main reason I show my annoyance. I simply can't understand how people all reach that one point and people like me are left behind coz neither I find those people attractive at all nor I like the music.
But you know in the last years I lost to appreciate humans in general. there are too many people around me who annoy me. I hate their...well...messy, serious or just strange personalities. But maybe I am the same? maybe people hate to bother me or chat with me coz they know I am annoyed by them anyway? Well I don't mind if they dont talk to me coz most of the time I really am annoyed. my life is stressful and will continue being stressful for the next 3 know I am annoyed by having too less freetime or lets rather say freetime to sleep properly...but then I hav to set priorities...sleep or freetime...I usually go with the freetime

Anyway I am heading home in some minutes..for either 5 weeks or 7weeks don't know yet. Fucking school is waiting for me...eeew
so lets sum i had work from 6.30am till 3.15pm my train goes at 5.24pm..I will be home at 7.41pm and tomorrow is school so I have to get up at 5am the latest. how nice...