Montag, 14. Februar 2011


Von Vanü geklaut XD

DAY 1: Ten things about you
DAY 2: Ten things you love
DAY 3: Ten things you hate
DAY 4: Ten things you want to say to one person
DAY 5: Ten wishes
DAY 6: Ten items you can’t live without
DAY 7: Ten important people
DAY 8: Ten of your favorite songs
DAY 9: Ten ways to win your heart
DAY 10: Final 10 words

  1. I have a weird scar close to my calf. Well I have that one since I was a child but I everytime I see it I wonder when and why I got it. Seriously don't know.
  2. I have a hard obsession with beautiful japanese middle-aged vocalists (I don't need to give my personal two examples here? XD Well they are both 0-Types..which makes it even worse XD)
  3. My japanese is horrible. I just act as if I am could do it. Unfortunately people think I can..but I know it better.. o.o
  4. I love running around with only wearing one sock at home or none at all o.o
  5. I don't really know what it feels like to be lonely coz I like being alone and not getting bothered.
  6. I drink too much coffee and smoke too many cigarettes. I wonder if I can get rid of these drugs someday. Well at least getting rid of the cigarettes would be good.
  7. I can't imagine getting myself piercings or tattoos. I can't even wear earrings or necklaces anymore. When I was a child I wore earrings but actually imagining those again makes me feel all uneasy. o_O Though rings would be fine but I don't wear any. I am too
  8. My teeth are my biggest foes.
  9. I used to play handball in a club many many years ago..for hmm 7 years.
  10. When I was a child I wanted to become a doctor XD Well at least I got myself a DOCTOR alike nick years later..*cough*