Samstag, 26. Februar 2011

A Week in the Life of Doci, Volume 1 - Friday

Starting the 1 week meme..well its a challenge coz my week will be boring coz I have to work for 7 days in row now till next friday *coughs*

BE PREPARED. I AM A BORING PERSON with a boring life! XD
So I was starting..well its rather from last night before I went to bed but it was after midnight and I just went to bed at 5am or something so...

I was enjoying nice chocolate while watching tegami bachi reverse episode 19 + 20. XD

and then somehow I chatted till 5am and went to bed.. o_O
Woke up at ..I think 2.30pm something..

Yeah I know I am a messy girl XDD

Then I enjoyed a tuna pizza in my bed at 3.30pm or something

Actually I also ate that last piece but only after eating the rest I noticed: Hell, you wanted to take a photo of your pizza xDDD

Then at 5pm I also had some spagetti my mum made with cinnamon and sugar..and then my mum took me to the train station at 6pm coz I have early shift tomorrow. I played golden sun for 2 hours till I arrived at 8.45pm on my island and also in my plain room XD

After arranging my luggage I went for a shower right away o.o

My feet look weird somehow o.o Its because I wore tight socks..lool Thrombosis-Prophylaxis NOT! XD

And after having a short talk and 2 cigarettes with my collegue who is living in the room next to mine ( we also share the kitchen which has no microwave or oven)  I made myself a coffee...and ate that delicious yoghurt xD

and then somewhen at 10pm I have started watching Code Geass.

Well actually I would say its not that epic..At least it's not that epic so far. It's hard for me to follow all the gudam thingy attacks and orders. In English it's even harder to understand..but in the end it's not important I guess coz I see what they do anyway...just SHOOT DAMNIT
Can't it be that easy like in Tegami Bachi??  シンダン装填!!

And now I wonder if I should go to bed although I need to get up in 5 hours anway or go to bed and will be hell tired when I have to get up o_O
Since I can't get sleepy at work coz I am busy all the time it doesn't matter...It's rather a question of health...
I do this often..either sleeping not at all for more than 24hours or sleep for like 12 and more hours. I read that people who sleep too much or too less will die earlier o.o But well...what means time...