Mittwoch, 17. August 2011

Time is running and running

but nothing's really happening.
I am going to work, come back home, go to bed late, awake at lunchtime and go to work again.
And I am not even playing perfect world since I arrived here again 4 days ago. I don't feel the need and desire to play after I started to watch RAINBOW.
But although it has 26 episodes...I only managed 13 so far...and the desire to continue watching also disappeared after my dearest Anchan died in episode 12. It's like his death totally finished the series..or well let's say it finished one chapter...but the second chapter...I heard it should be rather happy..but how can it be happy without Anchan. How can I watch "happiness"when my favourite character died in the middle of the series. D: Well it looks like Mario has turned attractive after he got hair..but I wonder why they had to make Anchan the only bishi from episode 1-12...just after he died Mario and Joe turned into bishis with hair as well...but I wanted to see them together with Anchan like this...
Anchan, you are not a hero just because you died. I don't know why he had to die. I mean seriously..the function of his death for the plot..oh well maybe I will understand it when I continue watching it...