Samstag, 14. Januar 2012


What a long daaaaaaay and I can't say it was exciting. Well
Didn't drink much only orange juice, coke, and 2 cocktails. But I am somehow tired now lol
Even so my cousin is still playing ps3 on my tv o.o

Well only some pic impressions of todays birthday party. I was rather busy taking videos but they are too big to uplod them X_x iphone makes too big videos!
Delicious cake o.o

delicious cookie-cake as well xD

More delicious cake made by my mum :D!

Uncle Heinz..this time with clothes xD

Delicious Cocktail :D!

Delicious GERMAN coke! Yummy for Hideki I guess...
sorry darling that I couldn't give it to you...:/

Doci and her dearest cousin ♡