Samstag, 17. September 2005

wtf O_O

i am donwloading FFVII advent children and last order now O.o
with the help of hakkyou is all possible x3
i hope it will be fine and my speed is rising all the time *.*
aah and i am downloading the kra/36481? dvd *.*
i will see the hobbit,the mouse, the gorilla and the heart fairy..yes! >-<
i know nobody looks at my lj but i maybe thats not so bad xD~
so i have the opportunity to talk about stupid people *_*
awesome *gg*
hmm don't how to make my life in lj more interesting...
perhaps i should upload some mp3s, pvs or something like that
but i am too lazy xD
if somebody has an request can five it to me xD~
maybe i will have the stuff you want to have *_*

but so far i don't like to share...all is mine :3
i want to say goodbye with this egoistic words...
mata ne ^-^


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