Dienstag, 30. März 2010

Sakura Girl single review..short and probably not good

because I was poisoned too much by my heart of rock

1. さくらガール
Okay we know I didn't like it that much yet. Too boyish for me XD

2. あなたがとなりにいるだけで
I think it would have been more enjoyable if that one person in the news com didn't say: "I believe it's made for fans!!"
Yes totally, because it's written by NEWS. *sarcastic* And yes it's for the fans because news only have one fan on this planet. That's why they sing FUTARI. XD  Oh wait I didn't say anything about the song o.O oh never mind

3. Freedom
WTF? o__o Time is running out yes. I mean it's catchy but Freedom freedom~ 命かけて.  etc..but what's the sense behind it o_O I mean it's not like they are soldiers and jailed...sometimes I think the wrong people sing about something which they are totally not concerned in and then they also sing it happily..yay XD

4.Love melodies
I feel sorry for them singing "Presented word" Yeah Love goes on and love is so beautiful unfortunately they have no time to love or fans don't want them to be in love XD

5. さくらガール(A cappella version)
I want to die LA LA LA SAKURA

That's it BYE...LOL well I didn't put much passion in this. I wanted to be neutral..but writing reviews about happy popsongs is hard. I mean what to focuse on? Text is usually..not the important aspect  For the melody aspect..they are good I think..catchy as always for the happy days...although I don't know if I want to listen to a song about FREEDOM happily XDDD though I think the Freedom bside is the best of all o_O


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