Donnerstag, 8. Juli 2010




Such beautiful words by him ❤
And you's thanks to Germany's defeat that he thought like this.
After all it also has its advantages, so it's nothing I should be disappointed about if I get such words instead.
Today is my brother's 35th Birthday ❤
That's all..well it's not only that but I never felt at any time to also point out that it is my own birthday coz I see no reason to mention it.
It's like it would just feel like "Today is my birthday, so tell me "Happy Birthday" bitches!"
I prefer getting happy birthdays just without mentioning it coz there I know "Oh they remembered it's today! Lovely"
But honestly I don't mind if people forget it either because I never enjoy this day either. XD

I am not writing alot lately yes but I don't feel like there is something mentionable.
Went to the dermatologist yesterday with my mum. Seems like my ugly big mole on my back is "good-natured" well lesser problem to care for.  But even so there are always other things to be bothered.

And why the fuck is white chocolate always so delicious (>__<)


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