Montag, 6. September 2010

Can't sleep...noooez

Have to get up in 2 hours. D:
It's only the fault of my animexx chat friend friends that I am not tired at all coz yesterday they kept me awake till 5am so I ended up sleeping till 4pm and this naturally leads to the point that I can't sleep now.

When I tried to fall asleep I was thinking about...that it already feels like at least 4 weeks since my last day at work. But truth is, it's not even one week yet. Last week at that time I was sleeping and preparing for my last work day for the first phase.
So it's also just one week ago since I saw my "lover" but it really feels like...ages.
Thinking that I need to go to school for another 3 weeks without being able to go to work and see him, frustrates me a lot. o.o It might just be a crush but I really miss it somehow...though technically speaking I can imagine on my first day he will have his week off. Or maybe he will be there and I will be hell surprised? ..Hmm..I shouldn't think about this stuff yet, it's too far away to catch. Should think about stupid school for 3 further weeks...well it's not that stupid but I hate going there by train everyday or well...I hate the fact that I have to go to school in general for such a long period. Good for me that I only have 7 school weeks left this is work. D:

Ah I am such a sad sad being..not even able to write about anything else than work etc. But I have nothing left ongoing..since I already wrote the good things in the other entry, and actually there is not that much left I need to write about in general. Usually I only write about the things which affect me the most in positive and negative view. zzZ
So now I can decide if I try to sleep for 1 3/4 hours or if I do boring stuff on here...hmm I feel cold..:/


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