Dienstag, 5. Januar 2010

✄ Mini Friendscut

but nothing serious so its actually not even necessary to mention as there is not really a change...just some dead journals. Although there are actually more dead ones but how could I delete my rl friends? :O

3 days left till hachan is back. Oh god I never thought I would so look forward to it. I don't know what happened to everyone but apparently they are all busy with their life? XD I mean thats nothing bad but for uncreative people like me..hmm..I remember in the past (must be long time ago like 6 years ago) I was much more creative. I wrote a lot of ffs offline (and without computer) at that time...and I made several big self drawn posters for my wall..hmm. However you need to consider that back then my hobbys and the stuff I listened to was different too.
I think the list of what I don't want to do  would be longer than the things on the list that I want to do. I think the want-to-list is empty right  now. then i will just play dragon quest monsters again XDDDDDD *puts on want.tolist* BB