Mittwoch, 13. Januar 2010

Those 2 people I adore...

Those 2 people I adore...  
What they do have a in common? They both love the Beatles and Nirvana and they both have blood type 0. 
As for their blogs, they are both lazy people.

Apart from that: Nothing!
Oh I think they both have a pure heart of a rocker...but when it comes to experience, fame and success they might be on two different levels.

One of both is an awesome performer, singer, songwriter and composer.
The other one an nice all-rounder even though he's probably still a rough diamond but still I can say I adore him for what he does.

One has still the goal to perform one day at the Tokyo Dome, even though it's a new goal after reaching so many others already. He's brave, loves risk, freedom and I think he never gets tired of starting from zero again. Too experimental to put it into words, he's a dork, a chatterbox, a cats-fanatic and he would never sell his soul for cash. He's very kind, he used his fame to support charity projects. There is not that much I can say about him but I really think I dont need talk much about him..I think hes the prolly not. He's lisping when singing in English.

The other one, even though you know so much things about him, you don't know about his career dreams. He already managed the tokyo dome easily, does so many different stuff that I am not sure if he has something like a priority.  Compared to the other one he's young, not only in age but also in experience. I am not sure either if he will ever be able to know what he wants to achieve. There might be some freedom in his career but in the end it's quite limited. It's like a cage. So I wouldn't wonder either if he's a really lonely person inside of his heart. He might be the one of both who is for sure the more popular one, but speaking of happiness I guess he's the sadder one even if we don't see it. And I dont think its becaue of the career possibility but I could imagine if there is sadness it's definitely caused by the career and the side effects. Anyway what I adore about him is that his heart is capable of so much stuff. I love to see how he develops no matter in which direction it goes.

I am not sure if they ever met in real life. Probably not. Maybe they did on MS rehearsals long time ago. And with long time I really mean long time ago. In 1998 or 1999. I would have found it cute to see the small cute one standing next to the already tall adult.
I am not sure if they know of each other's existence either. But the tendency rather goes to...knowing about it.

If I had the chance to decide who I would join for one day. I guess I would go definitely for the older one. Even though they are both type 0, I guess the older one would be easier to get along with. Yes, I think if I would go with the other one we would easily have arguments, as we both have a sharp tongue and I can say with confidence that there are things that we don't like about each other.

After all I am convinced that they both represent their zodiacs very well.

The reason why I didn't call them by their names? Personally I think it's obvious who I talk about. And it's even more obvious if you know my likes.  And now I have to make a decision which icon I use. I think I will use none of both because I like both equally.

And..I finally finished my first subbed pv ever. I seriously appreciate the work of all fansubbers even more now. XD
Yes I think this PV is epic. It's probably the first pv by that band I ever saw in my life years ago. And it's probably one of the most perverted pvs I have seen in my life. Also...the lyrics are yes...very fitting to the pv. But at the same time I find it also amusing. And there is even a german connection in the beginning even if the text doesn't make sense at all. XD Good job Kazuma, one of your best works. Also the pv is it's also 13 years old...aah but epic is epic, I can never say it often enough.

And..I consider doing weekly "TOPS of the week" so I won't get too lazy to write everyone will be informed about several weekly highlights of my fandom life