Freitag, 15. Januar 2010

its poison..but good one...

  【ドウキ★】 ~そのピエロは誰だろう?~                      sagt:
*der soll die schnauze halten und mir sagen dass siam shade geil ist
*und dann soll der mir nen hideki autogramm besorgen~~~~~~
*und hidekis email adresse
*damit hideki und ich eine studygroup machen
*ich bring ihm deutsch und englisch bei und er mir japanisch
*und dann verabreden wir uns für französisch unterricht

He should shup up and tell me that siam shade are awesome
and then he should get me an autograph by hideki
and hideki's mail adress
so that hideki and me can make a study group
I will teach him german and english and he teaches me japanese
and then we meet eachother for french lessons

*dies* it's adrenalin, I tell ya!
stop spamming now...YES! ;__;

My close friend, you don't cry 逢えない夜に凍えたら、 そっと瞳閉じて...

I bring some colour to your flist which is full of jpop and kpop :D XDD
Well for me its color...for you it might be bothersome, but you know what? I don't care because I do it for myself XDD

wow this was quick...Dear ❤
I think this was the first live performance I saw of Siam Shade..and I remember..the first thing I did while watching was: "Don't cry Hideki ;__;"
Well it's a song about the fans for the fans..and yes its the last concert they had at that time before breaking much as it brings happiness, still sadness aaaw~

When Hideki sings about closing  eyes he means it literally like that ❤

Well the last 3 days spent with..Siam Shade more than i ever did in one periode..I mean not only listening but also watching and feeling the songs more with translating...aww  And its better than any medicine...because since I started that all my stomach problems and whatever seem faded away~ Yes Siam shade has a healing effect, you just need to believe in it. And I think it's not only the fact that Siam Shade was probably the blondest band of japanese bands, and not the fact that Hideki has the longest legs of whole Japan, and also not the fact that Natin's hair is blowing on stage like...I don't's like his hair is light as a feather..blowing all fluffy like a flying

So..I wonder what to sub next~ the list is to do list is definitely:
- Love (V7)
- Passion (V6)
- Ooki na ki no shita de (V8)
- Calling (V7)
maybe buranko from V8..hmm...I think there is more..but I is love...actually I wanted to do passion next..but I need to wait XD
Well here I come my beautiful angelic white men~~ woaaah~

「俺がかっこいいだろう、 俺がすごいだろう~」
そうや! すぐに結婚してください。 栄喜さんの子供を生むことが絶対にできる!
もうすぐ栄喜さんは38歳になるので、 早くしなきゃ~八(^□^*)



Das Leben...XD

I have done it again. These days, it's actually the only thing I do..not translating and subbing..thats part of it...but this is my Siam Shade week. Seriously <3

I remember I already posted this performance 2 years ago..when a friend died...and I also took a long time till I could rewatch it because everytime  it made me think of this friend again...but's vanished. I don't like these moments...when people die and after years you feel like..they never even existed. Of course you know they existed but everything which remains are memories.  Problem is..memories are not touchable, so I cannot trust my memories like that either always. In the end it's also just subjective.

What I know is that it was a hard task to translate this song. I also think I still need some years until I am able to track all these lines of this song.  But I will be allways thankful that they performed it. If they didn't I think I would cry for the rest of my life :(

Anyway, In this way Hideki is always cheering me up. He's probably the only person I don't envy for his teeth, even though they look perfect.
In fact..Shamu fans know it better but yes it's cheering me up although it also gives a sad feeling when I think of how much pain he had to go throuigh with that.
Next is.."Dear" <3
and nothing more to write about..oh maybe I had but I don't want. You have to deal with my hardcore siam shade spamming in the next days XDD
AND: oh noooo youtube screened the part when Hideki looks scary...;___; XD