Freitag, 23. Juli 2010

23 Juli 2010 @ 10:33

Yesterday I went with my mum, my nieces, my stepsis, my aunt and cousins and my mums friend to an animal park..yeahyeah XD
No pics too shoot coz we all missed our cam...but my cousin made a video and then at the end a lama wanted to spit at her..:O
Anyway..can't show it..coz she didn't upload it yet.

But anyway that animal park is interesting cause it's very close to the polish border so many polish people also come there everyday and everything has german + polish signs. (No english ones...XD)
The town is also at the Zalew Szczeciński~ well the german side of it.
Thinking of that..even though I live so close to Poland I don't know any polish. On the other hand it's frustrating because many polish people learn German instead. XDD But if you think about, you don't learn any language as long as you don't see in how far it could be useful for you. And at this right polish isn't useful to me at all. (´ω`)/

Apart from that...watched Joker ep.1 finally yesterday evening!  Well apart from the lousy avi quality..rather speaking of the sound cause I can't watch the 1024 mp4 version on this pc, it was alright I think. xDD
Personally a quite shocking episode I think. But I guess that's what the dorama is about. So I expect that the second episode has also a quite disgusting topic. Think the cast does a OKish work. Though I find it rather amusing that Date has always a smiley face no matter what kind of situation is given. For Ryo...hmm..reminds me a little bit of a mix of his role in Attention please and Taisuke (RnK). Doesn't seem to me  that this role is a challenge for him so far.

Since I use magnesium pills the muscle twitching somehow stopped.(Well didn't stop completely yet but became a lot less) But it's not the ultimate solution well lets see if it changes starting from august. :D