Samstag, 31. Juli 2010

Goodbye my lovely home~~~ for 4 weeks XD much luggage..:( and its actually even more but well..XD

dyed my hair today..its red-brown now wuhuu

looks weird in the cam o_O actually it's a little bit darker hmm
one of my killing eyes...I am sorry :/ my eyes can really look's because i have the same dead fish eyes like my daddy XDD really,,he also had these kind of dead "eyes" not to remember the point in his life when I turned him into a pirate by accident for weeks :( but thinking back now..I think it was in the same year he died. pirates are like hereos or legends..they die at the best part of their life. o.o (well can't refer to my dad's career here cause he worked concrete goods..creating cement all day. well unhealthy job so maybe also a reason why he died in his 30s. Aaah
why do I talk about daddy so often D: Maybe i still miss him? Anyway~ tomorrow or better today is my welcome thingy at my apprenticeship place. And then starting from monday it's working time~~ I am somehow not that excited. Good like that but the excitement will come early enough I assume. XD

Downloaded tons of stuff...well not that much just the last episodes of tegami bachi and episode 2 and 3 of joker. Since I don't want isdn speed just because I am too greedy and download too much xDDD maybe I should download something else additionally before..but idea what. o.o *crosses fingers*



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