Dienstag, 31. August 2010


First working month over.
Yesterday I arrived at my lovely home again. <3
Today I had my first driving lessons for 2 1/2 hours. I was really scared while driving and can't think that I have to continue these kind of trips to the hell again XDDD
Tomorrow is my first day at school ! Well...jobschool or how do you call it in English. (Too lazy to look it up) looking forward to meet up with my collegue from my work place..cause she's in the same class...so I guess we will sit next to each other at least xD
Also went to the dentist today again. After something of my tooth fell apart again, it was repaired today...but I think on 14th..when I have my next dentist date I will ask her to check this one other tooth cause it hurts when drinking hot stuff like coffee etc (>_<)

So..all I have to do today is...well much to do...instead of doing all these kind of stuff I prefered doing nothing at all and was just relaxing in front of my laptop. Well I also went to the train station with my mum in the early afternoon to buy my train ticket for this month. She drove me and payed cause I am still waiting to get my first loan on my bank account. Well I technically have already enough on it but I was too lazy to go to the bank. So I will go in the next days to give that 250 euro back to my mum (which are also technicaly my brothers he provided us for renewing our pediment. That's expensive btw..around 1200Euro x_x)
I wonder when I will come home tomorrow. guess around 5pm. Maybe 4pm..depends if that statement in the letter from july with 3pm is trustworthy XD but have to get up at 4.30am >_< but if the school day is long...sucks..right ^^;

I miss my ”lover” :(