Dienstag, 31. Juli 2012

I've become a little bit ignorant

Old friendships...
old friendships which don't have a meaning to me lately anymore.
I don't have the motivation to bear with arguments anymore.
I don't want to fix them anymore.
So everytime I have a little nonsense argument with someone I called friend some years ago, I won't try to fix it anymore but will leave it as it is right away.
It doesn't matter if I am wrong or that person is wrong.
It simply doesn't matter.
But at the point when people don't understand your jokes or intentions anymore,
it's for sure that it's a good match.

Also I have holidays, I don't want to have arguments and discussions about small unimportant things.
Although, what I can say for sure, is the fact that I am not happy as things are now.

After something which was so important to me, crumbled down, nothing from the past seems so important to fight for it any longer.


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