Dienstag, 6. November 2012

How to listen to radio channels on Radiko.jp from abroad.

There are moments when you think, Japan is pretty cruel for not even letting you listen to specific famous radio channels in which your dearest artists appear once in a while.
In the past I used to use keyhole tv for such issues...
But then some days ago I realized...keyhole tv has no TOKYO FM anymore but I need tokyo fm because there will be my lovely Hideki on it in November! Screwed I thought because I knew radiko.jp is my only option...an option which doesn't work from abroad!

Although radiko.jp has all these nice radio channels...
  • Nack5
  • bayfm78
  • Fm Yokohama84.7
  • J-WAVE
So I thought....

Normally when you enter radiko.jp from abroad, you will land on a website like this...

Too bad. You are not able to listen to anything because your IP is not located in Japan but
in my case "UNKNOWN GERMANY" !!
So what we know...what always helps is...finding a japanese proxy and then it should work.
Well at first I thought..no way..I am too lazy to search for japanese proxys all the time which make me able to listen to japanese radio channels.....
but then I remembered this FIREFOX ADDON which we have to use in Germany for some years already to be able to watch most of  youtube videos...(that's another topic however)

He we go...STEALTHY!!

So after you have installed it...
there will appear a little bird alike red button on the top right of your firefox window.

click on the arrow on the right of the button and click on "preferences"
Then a window like this will appear

but for us...the only important line is the last one
"Connect to internet as if you were in the following country (select one)

Type in "JP" or "Japan" it doesn't really matter..but make sure that you have marked the last option with the blue bullet..and then press ok.

now your last task will be..clicking on the red bird button (still deactivated) so that it will change to green (activated)

After that..you should be allowed to browse on radiko.jp

Screen should look like this.

Now you can choose a channel you want to listen to and tada. we are finished.
An advice I have for you. Browsing through the internet with a japanese ip via stealthy will be horribly slow..so after you have decided on a channel, to listen to..you can just turn off stealthy again by clicking on the button. You will still be able to listen to the radio channel and have all access like changing the channels without stealthy being turned on.

Another thing. Sometimes radiko.jp won't work for you right away..that's because the site is probably saved in your cache..so you just need to reload the website..then it should work.


Anna Chii hat gesagt…

where to download the birdie thingy? xD

Keshav D hat gesagt…

haha awesome! It works perfectly :D

@Anna, click the word STEALTHY. It's also available for Chrome.

asilentmusician hat gesagt…

does it still work for you ? I used to connect to radiko using japanese proxies, but the site has had a revamp and I can't seem to fin a way to listen to station directly from the page. Seems I need radiko tools and an external player which is blocked.
do you get the same thing?

Doci (・ω・)ノ hat gesagt…

long time ago I used stealthy but then I found a better method with the help of a vpn connection.
follow this instruction:
Then you should be able to listen to it again. :)

champslibre hat gesagt…

thanks. It's weird, I set the VPN up but Radiko detects me as being in the south of France, not Japan

champslibre hat gesagt…

fixed ! wow, I can even listen to NHK :

olheim hat gesagt…

hi, i have the same problem with Radiko. how did you managed to fix the location? thank you.

olheim hat gesagt…

nwm. i tried again 2 hour later. and it somehow works now. banzai. thank you.

Haoran Chen hat gesagt…

Hey. It seems like Radiko blocks the new method you provided above. ):
do you have any idea of how to listen to radio on Radiko now?

Bernd P hat gesagt…

If the "Stealthy" Button does not work anymore maybe people will eventually have to return using manual proxy entries for whiles. Use xroxy.com e.g. or other lists advertised also there. To always reach those even a current proxy does not work I recommend using "no proxy exception" for the proxylister sites however. Another interesting fact is that, depending on where the current japanese proxy is geographically located (on which urban network) you may not have local stations of Tokyo&Yokohama bay but instead stations of either Nagoya or Osaka e.g. This is stated in the location bar also as "NAGOYA JAPAN" or "OSAKA JAPAN" Have fun!

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