Sonntag, 27. August 2006

Long live Kotze Ayuhara!

Yes, if you watched the topic detailed, you can see....I watched Attack No.1. >D
Oh it was really fun to see the first episode of it together with my cousin. *_*
When we were childen we already loved this series so it was understandable that we must see the dorama of it!!

but I could beat me <___> although I download it for a month now I didn't finished downloading because stopping all the download other stuff >_<"
....but finally I did it....and now I want to watch the second episode but it isn't ready.....hrrhrr I really love Mr. Hongo in this....same actor like the doctor in Summer Snow *___* Shunsuke Nakamura! >D

Hmm... that's all...


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