Samstag, 2. September 2006

"Interessanter" Tag

Woah heute war echt mal ein interessanter Tag. Nicht wirklich etwas was erwähnenswert wäre. o_O;
Normalerweise wäre ich heute zur Leistungsschau gegangen aber da meine liebe Familie nicht geweckt hat, wurde da nichts draus...aber natürlich sind sie alle heute Vormittag dagewesen, als ich geschlafen habe. Dabei hatte ich meiner Mutter gesagt, dass ich mitwollte....nun ja ich hab wohl nichts verpasst...war ja die letzten 3 Jahre auch nicht dort. XD
Aber scheint gerade gute Stimmung dort zu sein. Ich höre das bis hier...und zwischen der Festwiese, dort wo gerade die party steigt, und hier sinds bestimmt 2 Kilometerl...oder 1 1/2 ..keine Ahung...aber interessant, dass mal in unserem kleinen Kaff, wo man sonst fast ausschließlich Greise sieht, solche Stimmung draußen hat.. Okay Leistungsschau ist nur einmal im Jahr..also verständlich. ^-^

Ansonsten...war ich mit meiner Mutter und meiner kleinen Cousine heute beim LIDL einkaufen...auch sehr spannend ich weiß xD
Mein Drucker funktioniert immer noch nicht..bzw die Patronen wollen nicht so wie sie wollen.
Und Attack No.1 hab ich auch so gut wie durch, da ich gestern Nacht nicht wie jeder andere das "Verliebt in Berlin" Special geguckt habe...(ich bin froh darüber! XD) sondern mir 3 Folgen Mila reingezogen hab. Yes! >D

Endlich steht der Plan für die Connichi fest. Ich bin froh, das alles geregelt wurde und kann jetzt entspannt diesem Ereignis entgegentreten *_*

Und da ich nichts zu tun habe o_O ...hab ich mir mal ein meme gemopst! >D


(001) Your birth place: Pasewalk (near Poland! >D)
(002) Are you liking someone: Of course..i can't hate everyone oô.
(003) Are you hungry: Not really...i ate dinner a few hours ago o_O
(004) Are you bored: hmm a bit...but i will watch the last two episodes of Attack No.1 later to come over it!
(006) Age you wish you were: hmm...10-16  8D~
(007) The color of your hair: excrement brown oô
(008) The color you wish your hair was: chocolate brown or just another nice brown ö_ö
(009) The color of your eyes: blue-grey...or grey-blue...i don't know oO;;;
(010) Got any piercings: No...i am not going to deform my body >_<
(011) Want anything pierced:  No....i am fine...
(012) Tattoos: No...that's maltreatment for my body


(013) Smoked: Yes and i still do...
(014) Done drugs: No i never did...and i don't want to oô
(015) Read the newspaper: of course....but i don't like reading it...just watch the pictures in there :D
(016) Gotten told you're on crack: Yep...everyday some people tell me ;_______;
(017) Talked to strangers: I hate talking in general with people i dont know...but..i have to talk to them to get stuff...e.g when i am in the supermarket oô
(018) Taken walks in the rain: Yeah!! I the past i really enjoyed to dance in the rain on a given day xD but dunno why oô
(019) Driven: No...i don't own the driver's license D:
(020) Like to drive: dunno...but i guess it's a good feeling to go where you like. o,O
(022) Been out of the country: Yep. o_O I was often in France, Belgium and Czech Republic... V_V
(023) Been in love: yes..
(024) Regrets:
(025) Gone skinny dipping: Yeah everytime i have a bath XD
(027) Ran away from home: No...i love my home ^_______^ it's more the opposite..i would run there! *_*
(028) Played strip basketball: o_O: No...i didn't know that something like this exists o,o
(030) Been loved: Probably oO
(031) Been on stage: öööh...yes..when we took photos for class and when i performanced some plays at primary school
(032) Slept outdoors: öhm...tent?
(033) Drunk dialed: hmm no?
(034) Pulled an all-nighter: Nothing pull an all-nighter is like i would pulll an all-dayer >D because i have strange time rhythm
(035) Sleep Walked: No but i talk when i sleep and and grind my teeth o,O
(037) Cried yourself to sleep: No...i am not that sensitive...just thinking..
(038) Slept all day: Well...i already managed this often...and i am always very sad about it...becuase i have the feeling to miss something
(039) Killed someone: Sometimes ...I was my fault that our dog died....because i dropped her at the stairs and after that she began to hobble a few days later...lost the ability to move a few weeks later ...was lamed in her feet...and lost her vital energy...didn't eat that she had to be lulled...
(040) Made out with a stranger: öööhm...NO?????
(041) Had sex with a stranger: Of course i had....we all fuck strangers!!! O_______o;
(042) Kissed someone: Yes o_o
(043) Regret it: No not really o.ô
(044) Been betrayed: Yes...
(045) Broken the law: yeah...when i was little i stole Tick-Tacks >D
(046) Met a famous person: No... V-V
(047) Been on radio/tv: Yeah i was in TV on NDR...last year when there was a report on the J-DAY in Greifswald :D
(048) Been in a mosh-pit: Yes...and it hurt...
(049) Had a nervous breakdown: Nope?
(050) Danced naked: NOO XDDD although...maybe i did oO
(051) Had a dream that kept coming back: No. o,O
(052) Is there a certain shoe brand you prefer: No
(055) Judge people by what they're wearing: Nope
(056) Own more than 10 pairs of shoes: öööh I have just 1 pair.. oO
(057) Favorite place to shop: hmm...i dn't care oO... Oder-Center in Schwedt/Oder? >3
(058) Comfortable article of clothing: nothing special....o.ô but big T-Shirts rock :D
(059) Are you Preppy, Punk, Skater, Scrub, etc: I am a scurb :D my hair looks like it xD


(061) Miracles: Sometimes...
(062) Angels: No
(063) Magic: hmm no
(065) Ghosts: Yeah O_O I am afraid of ghosts..when i watched a horror film o.ô
(066) Birth: You mean..rebirth right? Yeah i belive in it :D
(067) Easter Bunny: never xD
(068) Cupid: Haha...LOL?
(070) The death penatly: hmm is a why humen should die ....i guess it's a much better penalty to be in prison for your whole life then :D
(071) Davey Jones: hmm...maybe there is such a place...
(072) Best friends: Yupp :D but it's not forever...because Interests are changing...
(073) People who you hate: hmm...maybe..
(074) Everyone lies at least once in their life: Yepp...cou can't tell me that their are people who never lies o_O
(075) Ying and Yang: hmm yes? >D
(076) Love at first sight: No....not any longer...
(077) Do you remember your first love: Yes... I guess it was Mario from Ganbare Kickers! ...or Robin Hood from Robin no daibouken xD or Abel from Georgie! O_o" I don't really know because this animes were broadcasted at the same time in spring 1994 xD
(080) What do you find romantic: öööh....i don't like Romance. ö_ö
(083) Do you look at looks alone: Of course not...i am a really deep going person xD
(084) Do you flirt to get someones attention?: No i don't flirt...i am just staring at good-looking people xD
(085) Have you ever been romantically attracted to someone physically unattractive: Nope o.ô
(086) Do you think the opposite sex finds you good looking?: äääh? Never ever xD
(087) Time goes by too fast?: Yes...but when i am at school it seems it will never ends...
(088) What's the last present someone gave you?: Hmm..a present...I dunno oô
(089) Do you like someone at this moment?: I like much people oô

LAST... ;

(090) Person that you laughed at: [info]daidai_desu xD
(091) Person that laughed at you: [info]daidai_desu  xDDD
(093) Person you went shopping with: not daidai_desu but my mum and my little cousin Jessica  :O
(094) Person to disappoint you: I guess there is no one now...maybe my mum when she tell me that i can''t go to Kassel! *LOL*
(095) Time you took shower: Yesterday after school ^-^b
(096) Person to brighten up your day: my one special .hmm my family in general makes me happy o,o
(098) Food you ate: Hmm a yogurt with chocolate brumbs and maracuya taste
(099) Person you saw a movie with at the theatre: Oooh must think of...Suppe-chan ^-^ we went to "Over the hedge" >3
(100) Person who you talked with in msn/AIM: [info]daidai_desu XD
(101) Music played: how they are called?
Bill Medley & Jennifer Warnes - Time of my liffe (it's in the sounds at the Leistungsschau oô)
(102) Person that made you cry: hmm...people can't make me cry anymore...just when there is something bad happen to them...
(103) Person You Hugged: Cousin *_*
(104) Person you texted with:[info]daidai_desu

Oh rami es tut mir so leid xD
ohmann jetzt läuft bryan adams mit summer of 69 T_T hab ich mir echt schon überhört aber nunja es ist MARVs und mein Lied xDD


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