Samstag, 5. August 2006

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yeah finally i am home again hrrhrr~ *~*
the two weeks were great but i think...home is still the best place ^________^
hmmm my stepsister asked, whether i ate much more in the last two weeks because she thinks i became fatter oO;;;;;;; belly didn't change. it's still the same fat belly |D
my mum tidied up my room höhö~ *_* i knew it....she always does that when i am off for two weeks <3 okay she didn't tidied up all...just my garderobe <--- biggest problem to tidy up XD"aaah well ...i did some  pictures with my mobile phone from the last two weeks XD so sad ..i didn't make any when i was with Suppe-chan T___T but i think it is better that there aren't pervert pictures included *LOL* : - |

McDonalds the first time - 3 hours :D

 aha this is hildegard and koppu-chan  nya~ she's a really kind person <3 she is going to sew kimonos for me and my cousin which we will wear at connichi |D
In addition to that she will gimme her blazer so that my domyouji cos will be look more rich boy *LOL* i really will be a psuedo-domyouji but who cares...i guess my cousin will get more attention because she will dress like domyouji's mother haha~  XD  so if you will see two strange people in white kimonos on saturday and a strange boygirl and an awful dressed girl on sunday it will be us!

haha brunhilde eierkopp and me. anyhow i have the feeling that i shouldn't be german. my eyes are too schlitzy T____T"

 I am beautiful, ne? hopefully i will win a prohackfresse competition someday  xDD

-pic dead-
i really want this dog!!!! he's the fluffiest thing i have ever touched ;________; i want to touch "Max" again....when i am an adult and out of school i want to have the same!!! aaawwww~ T~~~~T problem:  he's still a puppy and will become much bigger!!!!! Q_______Q he should stay the same >_<

-pic dead-
I coulnd't stop my cousin to take this photo....hmmm how could I???? XDDD anyhow i really like this blanket...T___T and yes i was sleeping!!! it's not pseudo-sleeping xD

haha this was the second time in mcdonalds. we were so poor to buy three cups because my cousin was so greedy and had to buy 20 mcnuggets just for herself!!!! okay i helped her to eat it <3 ...btw. my hair looks blond in the pictures!!!!!! aaaaaaaaaaaaargh~ strange oô

in the evening hildegard and i thought.. yuna (my cousin) could try a new hair we teased it a bit xD

the Result

yes! XDD it looked so awesome hrrhrr~ >D sad to say that we forgot to spray hairspray in her hair T___T so it was a easy way for her to comb it D:  ------------>

but it looked fluffier after this session XD

yeah that's it...ah ,,,, here....i dunno whether you have it already but it's the first KittyGYM song, hmm it's out of question whether [info]tototara owns it! :P

Edit: new MUCC pv! :D interesting o-O;