Sonntag, 1. August 2010


Forget to take the digicam along with me yesterday that's why I was only able to take crappy pics with my notebook webcam o.O

probably hard to imagine how the room looks like cause I neither took a pic of the table nor of the door and big wardrobe XD oh and not my bathroom...and not the kitchen either. Anyway room is nice but I don't feel well. Sick sick >_< really getting more horrible with each day so it feels like at least X.x but you know something which doesnt kill us makes us only stronger..but for some reason that quote isn't valid.
tomorrow is my first working day. yesterday I got my school cone! NO JOKE! I really got one XD
let's see how it works out. I will already make 3 crosses when the first 4 weeks are over and when I am going back home. lol
Earlier my mum phoned me...sounded all lively..not my mum but ion the bg I heard my aunt...and somehow I felt like playing skip-bo. But you can't play skip-bo T_T still need to fill out my interest list and such things (T__T) I feel like doing a survey~
Guess I should also have a shower soon. bah I hate it you know xD
that's all for now...


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