Donnerstag, 26. August 2010

26 August 2010 @ 16:36

There is no day anymore I don't get any criticism. But the best thing is when you get criticism which is so pointless, especially when a person didn't even see that I did it and won't be able to see it.
That person is real madness. In the beginning I always thought she's a nice woman but she slowly turned into a strange being and then you never know what's inside her. I wonder if she's a frustrated person. I mean sometimes she's smiling all brightly at me and then again there are moments in which she tells me I am lying.
Yeah sure I maybe have a weird aura but I wonder what I have done to her. (o_o) Maybe I really need to fight harder and show them that I am capable for this. I already do it but I have noticed I have an disadvantage because even the 16year old other girl in my same rank has already done related practical work.
Anyway they are slowly acting all crazy. not everyone of course. like 50% is nice, 20% is neutral and the rest  30% is somehow pissed off though I don't give them any reason except my slowness to get pissed.
Not to forget about my "lover" at work..lool <3

Also..I am tired. I still love this work..though I noticed today that I have done something wrong with my back. it's really a tough job considering the back. that's why It hurts a lot right now.


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