Samstag, 21. August 2010


Though I wasn't really gone. Had my 3 days off.
Well honestly I only have to work 2 more days and then I have another 3 days off.
I dont mind not really mind.
After I had the worst day on wednesday and got taught what I am doing wrong I really thought  I am no good at all.
I really wonder if the other girl is doing better. Well there are things I might be good at, cause I really like the people there..but
somehow I feel like a slow snail who loses the orientation under time pressure.
I am not sure how to meet the requirements. >_< I mean...
I have the feeling that they want to make use of us quickly to the fullest to save money.
It's probably easy for a person there to say: "I don't get what's so difficult doing that." Yeah of course she doesnt know since she's already working there for years and knows the work flow by heart. Well ok it's their own fault that I didn't get it cause they forgot to copy it for me....
and then she looked in weird way at me..after she told me: "you didn't manage to get Mrs. X ready" and I answered "Yeah cause I didn't make it in time" I mean come on...that was a really hard task..she told me in the morning "please get Mrs. A, Mrs B. Mrs C, Mrs D and Mrs. X ready"
ready means. washing completely, dressing, make their bed. and for that I had time from 6.45 till 7.50am. I will avoid telling general stuff right now like that basically for washing is around 20minues planned.
And then if I think about it...I dont have the feeling that they do wash that many people in the morning either. speaking of theory there were only 12 people in the morning (recently) to wash. so why the hell I had to do 5? D: I mean yeah I get the point but dont expect that I am rushing them in 10minutes per person. I already improved to manage them in around 15minutes but see even if I do one person in 15 minutes. that's too slow. so okay I will rush them (when I can from now >___>) in this job you have to act like a machine. goal is 5minutes each person or what...oO

Eito performance on MS was okay. Well you could at least hear that they play the instruments live too because it was off key sometimes...and ended as an "ouch" in my ears. XDD But then again the only person who amazed me in this performance was ohkura o_o
Subaru and Ryo were totally overdoing it..probably they were too overwhelmed by the fact that they are able to use instruments on ms for this song. I mean for Subaru it works since he still makes the sounds more or less beautiful but Ryo was just an horribly dying swan. o__o