Dienstag, 14. September 2010

さよなら さよなら 列車は星をすり抜ける♪♪

Comment on this entry and I will give you a letter.
Name 10 songs you love starting with that letter.

I got S by [info]daydreamar ...DRECKI! <3

in no special order xD

SEVEN - 和田光司
Because Kouji Wada and Digimon = LOVe and SEVEN is nostalgic...XDD
STEREO - 錦戸亮
Because I allways loved the  47 performance with his hat and the guitar in his hands..lol :D

せつなさよりも遠くへ - SIAM SHADE
I don't know it's Siam Shade and an awesome song. XDD

世界が終わるまでは。。。 - WANDS
Thanks to ACID who covered it...while here my thanks goes to hideki again for founding acid and being in it for a short time..I was able to find this awesome old school song back then. And I never watched slam dunk!

最終列車 - ムック
Saishuu Ressha...memories of a nice time and still one of my favourite MUCC songs <3

Well I don't love it that much like Nostalgia..but it somehow grew on me XD

さよなら愛しい人よ。 - 清木場俊介
Guess the only song by Kiyokiba Shunsuke I will love forever XD addicting.

Oldschool siam shade song is... oldschool

さよなら - L’ARC~EN~CIEL
Somehow L'arcs sayounara has the same oldschool feeling like the sadness song. I can be wrong..let me check it..okay sayonara is from 1996 and sadness from 1995. XD anyway..you already know I like oldschool 90s...

3月9日 - レミオロメン
No explanation is enough I guess. :D

Was really thinking hard about it and ended up witthout anyy Kanjani song with S. I mean I like Sukiyanen, Osaka but it's not a song I can listen to much anymore cause it's basically that kind of an earworm you can't listen to anymore in your whole life 2 times in a row. XDD
Actually I thought better not using 2 songs of the same artist..but I couldn't resist since I love both by heart xDD (not to forget about shangri-la..hmm)

I wonder right now if my tooth stopped hurting because of the half pill I took or because it finally stopped cause it wanted to. Not like that it was that painful but you know  that..if something is constantly hurting even if it's just a little pain it gets annoying. and no..dont tell me I should go to the dentist. it's exactly because I went to the dentist today. XD

And I still feel like breaking some bones of this arama troll saying Siam Shade were a typical average 90s band and every of their songs sounds the same D:  yeah sure..if you are deaf and have no idea of music and the variety of melodies and daita's guitar solos you fail. While Daita's guitar solos are the musical elements I always love the most in every song..lol


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