Montag, 13. September 2010

Oh なんでもない

Nothing interesting to write about..just feel like writing.
Jobschool sucks. it sucks because it's long like hell every day and it feels like, as if I am already going there for a month but in reality I just managed 8 of 18 days for this phase so far. Annoying...I think i will whine everytime I have it XDD
and then, when I have work I will whine about my weird workmates

Btw..I couldnt enjoy this weekend cause I had a cold..hmm still have it kind of XD
Furthermore...I just read today that there will be a new eito album + movie...that was an epic fail as fan XD

My day consisted of sleeping, playing a lot there lol.
Hmm and I contintued downloading some animes for working phase.

need to get up in 4 hours again...hmmpf...

Apart from that...hmm nothing really going on..sorry o.o
Sleeping time.


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