Montag, 26. Juli 2010



And then..omg..yesterday I was hunting for pics out of boredom and got the enlightment that it's not only that Hideki dyed his hair blond but on top of that it's a blond I don't like because it's the blond my mum always uses too for her dyeing XDDD
Or how did  [info]luna_detrox  also say: "I honestly prefer him with dark hair" ?? XD Yes's probably the blond we call "fail" which happens quite often in the japanese world right. I just remember the failed Ryo blond eeew xD although if it is Ryo it always failed...O.o
Anyway what made me wonder in these pics with this guy is...if I didn't read that he calls Hideki his Senpai I would have thought he's at least 5years older or something.  This is the moment when [info]geochan  would say: "Age depends on each person!" and then she would say again "Hideki's skin colour doesn't match!! it looks like photoshopped!!" cause his face skin is yellowish and his hand is I really have senseless topics to write about but I don't care. You know I write what I want to write about. XD

Yesterday my niece decided to watch the whole time Tegami Bachi with me o_O that's why I said today that I won't watch it. Yes, and I wasn't lying cause I am not watching it tonight anymore.(Mainly coz I don't want my niece to disturb me today anymore..hahaha)  Instead I should watch joker ep2 maybe?? Well, have still a few more days left but I also need to start packing my bag very soon and think about what I still need to buy.
And then on top of that I also have my  theortical driver license "exam" on thursday...aaw...but you know today I went to my driver teacher and he let me do 3 tests on the pc and I pwned all of them~ But this doesn't mean anything yes I know..I shouldn't be too optimystic..but better like that than getting all hysterical and close to hyperventilating on thursday. Wouldn't be cool if I get a heart yes..let's be relaxed...if I won't make it...damn it was only 42euro..but I will make it...cause I am the super great Doci ha! (Okay that's too optimystic..but you need to push yourself in such moments right right?? xD)

And I still don't get club8!!! (aaah just now opened it again and now it's like scary knocking at the door when mousovering the shitty door!! wtf is this D: or may it be that I always miss the time when the club is open? XDD) cousin brought herself an iphone for 1euro..I mean yeah...45euro per month contract with internet and blah flatrate..wouldn't know if it's worth buying for me though..since I am a cellphone pooper...and somehow the iphone is quite heavy and...not really handy? who needs this shit seriously D: where is the beautiful time gone to when you didn't need any stupid pc to even make your cellphone come to life??? my cousin needed to "bear" her iphone with my pc cause her internet connection at home sucks so she couldn't download itunes properly..holy shit.
Anything else?? No, guess not for the moment.

Aaaaah Junji was visiting the Bismarcksturm in Bochum yesterday \(・∀・)/

I still can't forget about the sausage pic he took on the way from Munich to Bochum...

aaaah will really stop now~