Montag, 13. September 2010

considering fandoms this is the jackpot fall..

Okay lets put it clean again

10/20 Kanjani album + movie (136€)
10/27 DETROX DVD (43€)
10/27 Siam Shade tribute album (23€)
10/27 Siam shade best of live album (30€)
11/10 Camino mini-album (14€)

So actually...all of my favourite bands (or related) release something XDD

just if I consider buying it all this would be fucking expensive..okay let me just calculate...246€ ..and kanjani with all editions would be more than 50% of everything...there you see the greedy johnny economy. Well the siam shade best of is only the greedy SME records/amuse. well the tribute no idea...XDD greedy sony too...and detrox is greedy hideki lool
but from all stuff the bold one is the one I am looking forward to the most right now just because Its the first live dvd after 8 years. Of course also looking forward to eito but know after getting so many awesome news I wasnt that surprised by eitos album and movie anymore.
Don't know who to blame.

Anyway my mum goes on my nerves. I dont know why she doesnt get that I am not in the mood to have any contact to her when I am at home in the week. I mean I am sorry yes and maybe it's selfish but the less time I have left for myself before going to bed for 5-6 hours..which tends to 6 now again..I want to have for myself.cause when I am tired I am quite agressive and mean...she knows that and even that being the case she continues D: tomorrow even less time left for me cause I have a dentist date at 6pm..hurra. Hmm that might be life.  Having this pointed out, good night

Oh なんでもない

Nothing interesting to write about..just feel like writing.
Jobschool sucks. it sucks because it's long like hell every day and it feels like, as if I am already going there for a month but in reality I just managed 8 of 18 days for this phase so far. Annoying...I think i will whine everytime I have it XDD
and then, when I have work I will whine about my weird workmates

Btw..I couldnt enjoy this weekend cause I had a cold..hmm still have it kind of XD
Furthermore...I just read today that there will be a new eito album + movie...that was an epic fail as fan XD

My day consisted of sleeping, playing a lot there lol.
Hmm and I contintued downloading some animes for working phase.

need to get up in 4 hours again...hmmpf...

Apart from that...hmm nothing really going on..sorry o.o
Sleeping time.