Mittwoch, 25. Januar 2012

Top 20 Anime series! [Rank 20 - 16]

I thought of doing something like this since I saw it somehow on another blog.
First I must tell about the method how I was able to put them into ranks.
Actually I was just looked at my list at and then I just compared them with each other. Actually it had nothing to do with the animation itself because I can't compare modern animes with animes from the 70s. It's logical that the animation of the modern ones is better speaking of quality. However there are some animes which have a better"

Rank 20 - Dragonball

Yeah Nostalgia!!! Dragonball was fun  and I had a little crush on Son-Goku when he was growing for the first time. But somehow it only made it on rank 20 for some reason. I don't know..I wasn't a hard core dragon ball fan and didn't even watch dragonball z properly. Just the real thing I watched properly. XD

utz utz utz!!!


Rank 19 - Angelic Layer

It's only been some years ago since I watched the Anime. Actually I only watched it coz Angelic Layer was the first Manga series I bought by myself. That's why I probably liked it pretty much although it's rather something light and not pretty something which you would consider extremely awesome. But I can't tell if the Anime or Manga was better. Since it had a lot of fighting scenes I think it's good to see it animated. You can quickly read through fighting scenes in Mangas coz they don't have many speech bubbles so... Anyway I think that's the only work by Clamp I watched and read. Well apart from a little bit X and Cardcaptor Sakura xD

Loved the ending song :D!!!

Rank 18 - Captain Tsubasa

Captain Tsubasa is considered the better version of Ganbare Kickers. I saw many people online who talked horrible about Kickers. Of course both series deal with the same topic but there seriously is a difference. Captain Tsubasa has so long match related episodes that it's almost unbelievable as well and not real at all. A match seemed longer than a normal soccer match...anyway I still watched it a lot in my childhood..also because the German opening was so awesome..hahaha although I also love the japanese one but the german one also uses the original everything is reasonable XD

Rank 17 - No. 6

Watched it last year. Liked the animation but the story was so slow and nothing happened for 3/4 of the episodes at all. But somehow it still made it in my top 20...I have no idea how. Maybe the shounen ai flavour? XD Naah don't think so but there must be a reason. Probably because it was interesting enough to watch every episode because you were waiting for something to happen. LOL XD
Opening song sucked but liked the ending theme 


Rank 16 - Sailor Moon

Yay Sailor Moon!! Probably everyone's first anime to fall in love with.
I remember the first time I watched I was at someone's place I don't remember. It was airing on Ard channel back then. Early 90s I think...^^; 
Actually everyone wanted to become a sailor XD
Tons of episodes and most of the time the episodes have the same scheme. I don't like this kind of series normally but well..I was a child and sailor moon was who cares!!!