Samstag, 28. Januar 2012

Freezing! (>_<)

Yup yup I am somewhat feelin' cold...well it got colder outside and it's also getting colder the next days.
Seems like winter is finally coming? Not hoping so but I guess that's the dirty truth! ( -∀- )

And then I watched 3 further episodes of Romeo x Juliet today.
Long live the new appeared character Tybalt ♡

Juliet and Tybalt would  be a much better couple...coz Romeo looks like a weakling >_>

And already found my first OTP Curio x Benvolio lol Actually I didn't want it to  happen but thanks to Francisco who seeems to ship was a  naturall reaction x_X
Oh Well still frrezing and tired again...will hide again under my blanket. After all it's already 3am. But I have late shift in 10 hours o_o

うっっ お休み!