Dienstag, 31. Januar 2012

Anime top 20 part 4 (Rank 5 - 1)

Zielgerade!! Finally! Yaaaaaay !!!

Now it's getting the most interesting....well it doesn't XDD AAAAAH MISSED WATCHING UNTER UNS AGAIN! FUCK IT! >_< well it could be worse hahaha XD

Rank 5 - Tegami Bachi (+ Reverse)

Tegami Bachi was awesome! I don't know why...in the beginning the story sounds not that exciting but it somehow get's more complexed...and I got into it after my dearest Gauche disappeared and came back as a "bad guy" XD The most beautiful part of the anime was the colour scheme..always blue, violet and sparkly..all the time. It felt like in another universe..well it was but I thought it's really awesomely made ♥ Also I think both seasons were on same lvl although the second season was maybe a little bit more exciting ^^;

 Favourite opening of the series without reasons. The opening songs were quite weak compared to other animes I think T_T

Rank 4 - Neon Genesis Evangelion

Probably one of the most complicated Animes I ever saw. I remember when I was like 11 years old my best buddy was watching it and I was only watching some parts of it but didn't like it...all I have seen on the surface was stupid mecha fighting against some weird monsters...hahaha
and it all seemed so complicated to me that it wasn't likeable. XD
So last year I decided to try it out again and I must admit I enjoyed it even so I thought 
it's still extremely complicated and to understand everything you probably need to watch it at least 2 times...but didn't like the ending of the series much. I think the movie "the end of evangelion" gives a better alternative ending which makes more sense...or let's rather say..it shows more action o,o
So far so good...but I also think the NGE opening is has one of the best opening songs :D
I already liked this song when I was 11 coz my buddy gave me a mixed cd with many songs and tracks from NGE. :D So my 3 favourite tracks are the following ones

Rank 3 - Rainbow ~ Nisha Rokubou no Shichinin

Extremely awesome anime! It seriously deserves rank 3. Also only watched that last year but
gulped it down with joy like I do with my favourite yoghurt..haha
The story was different from all animes I watched so far...nothing with monsters or mecha...no fantasy...but just the evil human as foe. Although it's obviously visible who are the bad guys and who are the good guys. lol And the animation is quite manly. And it's a little bit violent at times...and I think it was the second episode when I thought..I can't continue watching it...pedophile shit it made me almost vomit...but it didn't got any worse..so I continued watching it happily. Mario and Anchan ♡

Rank 2 - Pandora Hearts

Don't remember when I watched Pandora Hearts..I think in 2010. Falling in love with Gilbert right away ♥ No no I actually love it a lot. Maybe it's because Square Enix also had their dirty hands in this? XD Naah I am not a fan of Kuroshitsuji on the other hand. But Pandora Hearts is the LOVE
but I am sad there probably won't be a season 2 although the manga is still ongoing. I wonder why it's always the stuff I like which doesn't get a season 2 or something...*sobs* (T~T)

Rank 1 - The Rose of Versailles

I saw it coming because Ossi is forever awesome and the plot was so entertaining I couldn't even!
Well actually it's only the french revolution XDDD But I love european history related Animes. I suck..lol Naah seriously it was quite touching and the drawing style is quite unique...well it's old but who cares...and now I don't even know anymore what to say about it because I was fangirling about it a lot with Ha-chan..well we do often since we are still waiting in anticipation for this new anime movie which already should be aired since 2009. I don't know what happened to the movie *sobs* T_T

Wuuuh long entry..now I need a new coffee XD

Anime top 20 part 3 (Rank 10 - 6)

And the saga goes on!!! Wuuh now it's getting more exciting ö_Ö Actually it doesn't coz my taste for Animes is so weird you can't even see a pattern.....okay there is a pattern...old, older..the oldest..but I can't do anything against my love for my childhood animes XD

Rank 10 - Attack No. 1

Mila kann lachen wie die Schwalben überm Fujiyama~~~~♬ Ja bitch!! I never met a more arrogant girl in anime..mrs. "I am going to be perfect"...even so I pretty much enjoyed it when I was a kid...and I was almost feeling sad for her when they deicded to amputate her leg...well they didn't but it was a shocking moment in anime times...how can they be so cruel and even think of amputating HER leg! Man I was only 5 years or something and already had to deal with such brutal things in Animes. Poor me.
Well even so tsutomu's death was shocking for me when I was a brat. Seriously again the question..how could they kill off a character?

Rank 9 - Lady Georgie

Only some years later like...hmm 10 years later when I got internet and rechecked clips on the Internet I have come to realize that this anime was pretty much a softporn. Well not that much p0rn but quite lusty with 3 horny guys all wanting the blond chick...not even thinking about how Lowel is one of the most awesome drunkards I have seen at the end of an anime. What a diva...not even likeable..but I never liked him. I was always shipping Abel x Georgie...even when I was 8 years old XDDDD
Actually I think for the nice oldfashioned weird romantic plot it deserved some ranks higher. You will understand why after the next 3 ranks..but I think it didn't influence me that much so there was no point in ranking it higher.


Rank 8 - Ganbare Kickers

Probably a low budget series..I mean a soccer match had always the same sequences...when they were dribbling and passing the ball to each other but even so it was one of the animes who influenced me the most. And somehow the problems which occured in there were comprehensible for me as a 7 year old kid. XD Kids problems are serious business. Get that! Also I love the soundtrack even today..although the melodies are so simple..but even so they are so nostalgic and always make me feel upper happy..or upper depressive..depends on the track...but it really influences my mood at any rate.

Rank 7 - Junjou Romantica

Sometimes I also need some homoaction in my life...at least on screen..and this was probably one of those series which I was "eating" like chocolate. Can't say much about it here though. All I know is..I never get the ukes and this reminds me that for some reasons I didn't finish watching the second season of sekaiichi hatsukoi...same mangaka but somehow same character pattern as always. these "no I dont want sex no"-ukes are seriously annoying sometimes. o_ô

Rank 6 - Digimon (Season I and II)

Another childhood burner...I remember the moment when I saw the first episode and was thinking right away "I love this!! I need to continue watching it!" and it was also the first anime which made me feel really empty and sad when the second 2 came to an ending because that ending made sure that there won't be another season with those kids..because they've become adults. Really sad thing...yeah T_T
Another thing I love to no end about digimon are the soundtracks...the original songs by Kouji Wada..and the german soundtracks are also awesome. I remember a time when I was listening to the german soundtracks all day long hahaha I especially liked to listen to those in summer while sitting on my windowsill...I think I looked rather emo than happy HAHAHA well...who cares I enjoyed it XD