Dienstag, 31. Januar 2012

Anime top 20 part 4 (Rank 5 - 1)

Zielgerade!! Finally! Yaaaaaay !!!

Now it's getting the most interesting....well it doesn't XDD AAAAAH MISSED WATCHING UNTER UNS AGAIN! FUCK IT! >_< well it could be worse hahaha XD

Rank 5 - Tegami Bachi (+ Reverse)

Tegami Bachi was awesome! I don't know why...in the beginning the story sounds not that exciting but it somehow get's more complexed...and I got into it after my dearest Gauche disappeared and came back as a "bad guy" XD The most beautiful part of the anime was the colour scheme..always blue, violet and sparkly..all the time. It felt like in another universe..well it was but I thought it's really awesomely made ♥ Also I think both seasons were on same lvl although the second season was maybe a little bit more exciting ^^;

 Favourite opening of the series without reasons. The opening songs were quite weak compared to other animes I think T_T

Rank 4 - Neon Genesis Evangelion

Probably one of the most complicated Animes I ever saw. I remember when I was like 11 years old my best buddy was watching it and I was only watching some parts of it but didn't like it...all I have seen on the surface was stupid mecha fighting against some weird monsters...hahaha
and it all seemed so complicated to me that it wasn't likeable. XD
So last year I decided to try it out again and I must admit I enjoyed it even so I thought 
it's still extremely complicated and to understand everything you probably need to watch it at least 2 times...but didn't like the ending of the series much. I think the movie "the end of evangelion" gives a better alternative ending which makes more sense...or let's rather say..it shows more action o,o
So far so good...but I also think the NGE opening is has one of the best opening songs :D
I already liked this song when I was 11 coz my buddy gave me a mixed cd with many songs and tracks from NGE. :D So my 3 favourite tracks are the following ones

Rank 3 - Rainbow ~ Nisha Rokubou no Shichinin

Extremely awesome anime! It seriously deserves rank 3. Also only watched that last year but
gulped it down with joy like I do with my favourite yoghurt..haha
The story was different from all animes I watched so far...nothing with monsters or mecha...no fantasy...but just the evil human as foe. Although it's obviously visible who are the bad guys and who are the good guys. lol And the animation is quite manly. And it's a little bit violent at times...and I think it was the second episode when I thought..I can't continue watching it...pedophile shit it made me almost vomit...but it didn't got any worse..so I continued watching it happily. Mario and Anchan ♡

Rank 2 - Pandora Hearts

Don't remember when I watched Pandora Hearts..I think in 2010. Falling in love with Gilbert right away ♥ No no I actually love it a lot. Maybe it's because Square Enix also had their dirty hands in this? XD Naah I am not a fan of Kuroshitsuji on the other hand. But Pandora Hearts is the LOVE
but I am sad there probably won't be a season 2 although the manga is still ongoing. I wonder why it's always the stuff I like which doesn't get a season 2 or something...*sobs* (T~T)

Rank 1 - The Rose of Versailles

I saw it coming because Ossi is forever awesome and the plot was so entertaining I couldn't even!
Well actually it's only the french revolution XDDD But I love european history related Animes. I suck..lol Naah seriously it was quite touching and the drawing style is quite unique...well it's old but who cares...and now I don't even know anymore what to say about it because I was fangirling about it a lot with Ha-chan..well we do often since we are still waiting in anticipation for this new anime movie which already should be aired since 2009. I don't know what happened to the movie *sobs* T_T

Wuuuh long entry..now I need a new coffee XD

Anime top 20 part 3 (Rank 10 - 6)

And the saga goes on!!! Wuuh now it's getting more exciting ö_Ö Actually it doesn't coz my taste for Animes is so weird you can't even see a pattern.....okay there is a pattern...old, older..the oldest..but I can't do anything against my love for my childhood animes XD

Rank 10 - Attack No. 1

Mila kann lachen wie die Schwalben überm Fujiyama~~~~♬ Ja bitch!! I never met a more arrogant girl in anime..mrs. "I am going to be perfect"...even so I pretty much enjoyed it when I was a kid...and I was almost feeling sad for her when they deicded to amputate her leg...well they didn't but it was a shocking moment in anime times...how can they be so cruel and even think of amputating HER leg! Man I was only 5 years or something and already had to deal with such brutal things in Animes. Poor me.
Well even so tsutomu's death was shocking for me when I was a brat. Seriously again the question..how could they kill off a character?

Rank 9 - Lady Georgie

Only some years later like...hmm 10 years later when I got internet and rechecked clips on the Internet I have come to realize that this anime was pretty much a softporn. Well not that much p0rn but quite lusty with 3 horny guys all wanting the blond chick...not even thinking about how Lowel is one of the most awesome drunkards I have seen at the end of an anime. What a diva...not even likeable..but I never liked him. I was always shipping Abel x Georgie...even when I was 8 years old XDDDD
Actually I think for the nice oldfashioned weird romantic plot it deserved some ranks higher. You will understand why after the next 3 ranks..but I think it didn't influence me that much so there was no point in ranking it higher.


Rank 8 - Ganbare Kickers

Probably a low budget series..I mean a soccer match had always the same sequences...when they were dribbling and passing the ball to each other but even so it was one of the animes who influenced me the most. And somehow the problems which occured in there were comprehensible for me as a 7 year old kid. XD Kids problems are serious business. Get that! Also I love the soundtrack even today..although the melodies are so simple..but even so they are so nostalgic and always make me feel upper happy..or upper depressive..depends on the track...but it really influences my mood at any rate.

Rank 7 - Junjou Romantica

Sometimes I also need some homoaction in my life...at least on screen..and this was probably one of those series which I was "eating" like chocolate. Can't say much about it here though. All I know is..I never get the ukes and this reminds me that for some reasons I didn't finish watching the second season of sekaiichi hatsukoi...same mangaka but somehow same character pattern as always. these "no I dont want sex no"-ukes are seriously annoying sometimes. o_ô

Rank 6 - Digimon (Season I and II)

Another childhood burner...I remember the moment when I saw the first episode and was thinking right away "I love this!! I need to continue watching it!" and it was also the first anime which made me feel really empty and sad when the second 2 came to an ending because that ending made sure that there won't be another season with those kids..because they've become adults. Really sad thing...yeah T_T
Another thing I love to no end about digimon are the soundtracks...the original songs by Kouji Wada..and the german soundtracks are also awesome. I remember a time when I was listening to the german soundtracks all day long hahaha I especially liked to listen to those in summer while sitting on my windowsill...I think I looked rather emo than happy HAHAHA well...who cares I enjoyed it XD

Montag, 30. Januar 2012




今日から4日間休み!YAAY ☆

何を食べたらいいのかな?パン? パン? 


Samstag, 28. Januar 2012

Freezing! (>_<)

Yup yup I am somewhat feelin' cold...well it got colder outside and it's also getting colder the next days.
Seems like winter is finally coming? Not hoping so but I guess that's the dirty truth! ( -∀- )

And then I watched 3 further episodes of Romeo x Juliet today.
Long live the new appeared character Tybalt ♡

Juliet and Tybalt would  be a much better couple...coz Romeo looks like a weakling >_>

And already found my first OTP Curio x Benvolio lol Actually I didn't want it to  happen but thanks to Francisco who seeems to ship it..it was a  naturall reaction x_X
Oh Well still frrezing and tired again...will hide again under my blanket. After all it's already 3am. But I have late shift in 10 hours o_o

うっっ お休み!

Donnerstag, 26. Januar 2012

Anime top 20 part 2 (Rank 15 - 11)

Okay so... I still have some time left till I will go to work..that's why I will do this :D

Rank 15 - Loveless

Uuh I thought the anime was quite cute..although it was probably mainly for shounen ai lovers
but it was cute..thinking about it now it reminds me of some other rl people..lol 
but not gay ones.. but the series was cute enough I think I watched it one night ♡ but it was too short. ^^;


Rank 14 - Welcome to the N.H.K

Thought the plot was very interesting and different, although I wasn't pretty fascinated by the animation itself. I would consider it out of age...don't get me wrong but I think it's impossible these days for mangakas as well to draw their characters in a style which was used 20 years ago. People won't like it..at least not the youth of today..so it won't be successful either. That's probably also the reason why everything looks almost the same these days. Anyway..back to the anime...I thought it seriously deals with an important topic..unfortnately I had the feeling that the watcher should feel empathy for the Hikikomori..although it's a serious problem..in the anime it somehow looks like it's something normal and not much weird at all. Well for people like me who watches animes..or otakus..or people who like to stay at home..it's normal..but it's somehow sad that ..let's imagine..otaku hikokomori by themself will watch this and think their life is alright like this. I mean the anime ends differently but who of those Hikokomori will change his lifestyle? + the girl is really annoying I thought :/ 

Rank 13 - Ai no Wakakusa Monogatari 
(better known as Eine fröhliche Familie XD)

Aaaw I am feeling so nostalgic just by seeing this picture. It' actually this kind of Animes from my childhood I just loved to watch because their daily life seems so...modest..but still they had these happy moments. I miss this in this era...people who are still happy without having much...people have a too high standard of living...they want more than they actually can achieve...oh well...it's not my problem.

uwaaaaah love that one ♥ 
So ist das heute, so war das damals ♪ schön war die zeit aber nicht immer leicht ♬


Rank 12 - Candidate for Goddess

Aaaaw!!! Zero ♡ Another crush XD  If I think about..I never liked the anime boys with blond or grey hair..it's always been the ones with brown or black her. 
Technically many people said it's overrated...yeah it probably is because it was too short to show anything. It seemed finished half assed without much to happen. It just seemed like showing the beginning of a long story...which were never showed at all coz it was over then XD

The opening was pretty half-assed though...lol 

Rank 11 - Robin Hood no Daibouken 

Robin my hero!! You know I had a crush on him too! And what's even scarier is the fact that even like 10 years ago I still remembered him being nice with goodlooking hands..I just remembered his hands and his bow but not his size of face...and then when I got internet and looked it up again I was shocked!! Because he looked so different >_< Well actually...he looked the same as he did when I watched him like in..1995 or something? Idk xD
Anyway liked the series a lot as well..just a pity that the german bgm of the anime wasn't the original bgm..so the japanese OST is totally useless for me...:/


Don't say anything about my Robin..or I will hang ya!
Du bist ein kleiner großer Held ♥

Mittwoch, 25. Januar 2012

Top 20 Anime series! [Rank 20 - 16]

I thought of doing something like this since I saw it somehow on another blog.
First I must tell about the method how I was able to put them into ranks.
Actually I was just looked at my list at myanimelist.com and then I just compared them with each other. Actually it had nothing to do with the animation itself because I can't compare modern animes with animes from the 70s. It's logical that the animation of the modern ones is better speaking of quality. However there are some animes which have a better plot...so...XD"

Rank 20 - Dragonball

Yeah Nostalgia!!! Dragonball was fun  and I had a little crush on Son-Goku when he was growing for the first time. But somehow it only made it on rank 20 for some reason. I don't know..I wasn't a hard core dragon ball fan and didn't even watch dragonball z properly. Just the real thing I watched properly. XD

utz utz utz!!!


Rank 19 - Angelic Layer

It's only been some years ago since I watched the Anime. Actually I only watched it coz Angelic Layer was the first Manga series I bought by myself. That's why I probably liked it pretty much although it's rather something light and not pretty something which you would consider extremely awesome. But I can't tell if the Anime or Manga was better. Since it had a lot of fighting scenes I think it's good to see it animated. You can quickly read through fighting scenes in Mangas coz they don't have many speech bubbles so... Anyway I think that's the only work by Clamp I watched and read. Well apart from a little bit X and Cardcaptor Sakura xD

Loved the ending song :D!!!

Rank 18 - Captain Tsubasa

Captain Tsubasa is considered the better version of Ganbare Kickers. I saw many people online who talked horrible about Kickers. Of course both series deal with the same topic but there seriously is a difference. Captain Tsubasa has so long match related episodes that it's almost unbelievable as well and not real at all. A match seemed longer than a normal soccer match...anyway I still watched it a lot in my childhood..also because the German opening was so awesome..hahaha although I also love the japanese one but the german one also uses the original melody..so everything is reasonable XD

Rank 17 - No. 6

Watched it last year. Liked the animation but the story was so slow and nothing happened for 3/4 of the episodes at all. But somehow it still made it in my top 20...I have no idea how. Maybe the shounen ai flavour? XD Naah don't think so but there must be a reason. Probably because it was interesting enough to watch every episode because you were waiting for something to happen. LOL XD
Opening song sucked but liked the ending theme 


Rank 16 - Sailor Moon

Yay Sailor Moon!! Probably everyone's first anime to fall in love with.
I remember the first time I watched I was at someone's place I don't remember. It was airing on Ard channel back then. Early 90s I think...^^; 
Actually everyone wanted to become a sailor XD
Tons of episodes and most of the time the episodes have the same scheme. I don't like this kind of series normally but well..I was a child and sailor moon was awesome..so who cares!!!

Dienstag, 24. Januar 2012

Heute spiel ich mal Peter Zwegat!

So heute kam dann endlich der neue BAB Bescheid.
Und mich traf der Schlag als ich das Ergebnis sah! Tataratam....227€!!!!
Das is ja so mordsviel hat ich nich mit gerechnet wo ich zuvor 18 Monate lang 390€ bekommen hab.
Danke Arbeitsamt.
Jetzt rechne ich mal vor was ich insgesamt an Kohle bekommen hab
1. Lehrjahr mit Halbwaisenrente und BAB -> 775€
2. Lehrjahr erste Hälfte -> 881€
2. Lehrjahr zweite Hälfte (aktuell) -> 718€
3. Lehrjahr (voraussichtlich) -> 803€ 

Im Endeffekt wenn man den Durchschnitt vom 2. Lehrjahr 1. Hälfte und 2. Hälfte ausrechnet komme ich auf 799,50€ was ja eigentlich okay ist...wenn ich nich aktuell das nächste halbe Jahr mit diesem mieser miesen Summe leben müsste. Aber interessant ist doch das sich im Endeffekt das 2. und 3. Lehrjahr nich wirklich unterscheidet. Doof is nur dass die Kosten nicht weniger werden..ich hab das Gefühl von diesen 718€ bleibt nich viel übrig.
 718€ - 250€ (Miete) - 225€ (Zug und Busticket) = 243€ was übrig bleibt. Dazu muss ich noch sagen dass ich noch ungefähr 460€ Fahrerlaubnis abzahle..pro Monat 200€ denn bleibt in dem Monat 43€ übrig..was ja uch einfach für Zeug wie Zigaretten und Essen abgeht.
Naja machen wir uns nix vor das bab zählt ja erst ab februar und märz is die fahrerlaubnis schon fertig also 243€ bleiben übrig.
Im praxis turnus brauch ich ja nich ganz so viel Geld ..schätzungsweise dann nur 100euro für zug und bahn...und dazu kommt noch dass ich wohl vllt ne Fahrgemeinschaft für die Schule mit ner Klassenkameradin bald mache..sofern sie nun zu ihrem Freund zieht.
Also eigentlich brauch ich nich zu meckern..es ist eben nur ne Umstellung...wenn ich überlege was ich alles für Zeug seit Ausbildungsanfang ausgeschettert hab, dann kann ich wohl damit Leben denn vorläufig werde ich nich nach Japan fliegen also spar ich mir gefühlte 1500€ und ich kauf mir uch keinen neuen fernseher und uch keinen neuen nds...waren ja hochgerechnet uch nochmal für beides zusammen 500Euro. Und ich muss dann uch nix mehr für die Fahrschule hinblättern, was ja auch mehr als genug war. Also spar ich gefühlte 4000euro..ziehen wir die 490euro ab die ich jetzt fürn halbes Jahr weniger kriege, müsste ich trotzdem ein gutes Leben führen können...oder uch nich o.O?
Achja..immer dieses Gelaber über Geld...dabei wollt ich doch endlich meine Top 20 Animes posten...aber immer wenn ich auf meinem Blog rumturne, fällt mir ein Makel auf, den ich beseitigen will. Eigentlich müsste ich doch bald mal komplett zufrieden sein...xD

So ich geh nu noch Hidekis letzten Eintrag checken ob ich mit meiner Übersetzung leben kann und dann mal gucken...ich müsste uch irgendwann mal mein Nachweisheft ergänzen aber irgendwie...verbinde ich damit immer Negatives. LOL!

Montag, 23. Januar 2012

Eigentlich isses wie immer.

Hab nich wirklich was zu erzählen! Aber endlich..endlich hab ichs vorhin hinbekommen mein "About me" in der Sidebar so hinzubasteln, wie ichs wollte! Hurra
Menschen, Tiere & Doktoren is btw voll der scheiß. Ich hasse Tierarztsendungen. Keine Ahnung wieso die sowas zeigen...die zeigen ja uch nich Serien wo se ständig an Leuten rumschnippeln also als Dokus o.ô

Und ich hatte eben so hunger und wollt mir ne hühnerbrühe mit Ei machen..nix da! Eier wurden als Sonntagseier verwendet und im schrank stand nur Gemüse- und Rinderbrühe. Naja hab mir trotzdem ne Gemüsebrühe gemacht aber schmeckt irgendwie lasch und ranzig...so ganz ohne Ei....(T_T)

Und dann hab ich gestern Abend mal wieder nen Anime angefangen..eigentlich wollt ich gleich mehr davon gucken aber so wies nunmal is in Docis Leben bin ich kläglich gescheitert, obwohl Romeo x Juliet gar nich mal so schlecht is. Dat Problem is nur..das Opening is so extrem kitschig mit der japanischen Version von You raise me up...erinnert mich so an meine Jugendmusikliebe Westlife.
Sogesehen bin ich heutzutage immer noch ein Teenager..schwärme für meine verflossenen Musiker....naja nen Unterschied is da schon..ich bitche und lästere mehr über sie wenn ich in der Stimmung bin..o.ô

Aber mal ehrlich is doch voll kitschig oder wat. Wenn ich nen Mann wäre, würde mir da keiner abgehen..so viel is klar. o_ô Na mal gucken wie viele Folgen ich dann später mir noch reinziehen werde.
Eigentlich isses ja so voll mein Genre..schön Europa aus vergangener Zeit. Keine Ahnung wieso aber sowas guck ich extrem gerne...nich so wie ninja und samurai animes..die öden mich total an o_O
Aber solche Animes mit westlicher Historie sind toll! Uff Anhieb fallen mir da zig aus meiner Kindheit ein...
Lady Oscar, eine fröhliche Familie, Georgie, Jeannie, Robin Hood!
Bei Gelegenheit wollt ich mal ne Top 20 von meinen Lieblingsanimes machen aber ich hab da noch nich so den schimmer wies enden wird...wahrscheinlich werd ich einen anime mit jedem vergleichen und einfach überlegen welchen ich besser finde und so kommt dann die top 20 zustande..hmm? Sogesehen isses vllt gar nich so schwer :D

Ich fang gleich mal damit an denn ich kann irgendwie eh noch nich pennen!

Montag, 16. Januar 2012

Being a human can be annoying o.o

Why do I have to eat every day?
Why do I have to sleep every day?
Why do I have to go to the toilet every day?

I hate these needs.
Well, actually I love sleeping and I love eating but there are times when those needs are impractical.

Samstag, 14. Januar 2012


What a long daaaaaaay and I can't say it was exciting. Well
Didn't drink much only orange juice, coke, and 2 cocktails. But I am somehow tired now lol
Even so my cousin is still playing ps3 on my tv o.o

Well only some pic impressions of todays birthday party. I was rather busy taking videos but they are too big to uplod them X_x iphone makes too big videos!
Delicious cake o.o

delicious cookie-cake as well xD

More delicious cake made by my mum :D!

Uncle Heinz..this time with clothes xD

Delicious Cocktail :D!

Delicious GERMAN coke! Yummy for Hideki I guess...
sorry darling that I couldn't give it to you...:/

Doci and her dearest cousin ♡