Dienstag, 29. Mai 2012

feeling tired and fat...lol :(

Story of my life I guess, because it's rare that I am not tired after a day of work.
Well there are such days...but today it's probably because I couldn't sleep at all last night.
Well that's probably also not true because the time was passing by quickly at night but at any rate that kind of sleep wasn't restorative at all.
Regarding work I have nothing to say. I only realized that the work at hospital can also be enjoyable..but it can also be saddening.
For example, today I was all day long mainly looking after a mentally and kinda physically handicapped person..well it's rather mentally I think..that's why physically movement also looks kind of different.
What saddens me is the fact that the person is not that much older than me. Well 30 I think? Whatever..since I don't know if that's a handicap he was born with or if it's a handicap which was caused by an accident, makes it tough. I mean, if you are born with a handicap it's normal for you but imagining that yourself could become like this...well I don't want to think like that but...well what I can say is..at least today I got rid of another fear in my life.
Told it before on twitter some weeks ago, but I am actually scared of mentally handicapped people because they do things different than the majority of humans do, which of course doesn't make them unnormal...because I simply think it's impossible to define what's normal and what's not.
Well basically from anatomical point of view you could of course say easily such people are not normal, but then again you could say anyone, who has a harmless or harmful disease in his/her life, has moments when he or she is not normal at all.

Actually you know, I am never allowed to talk about internal work related stuff, but then again I don't talk about stuff which is something special here I think because old people and handicapped people are also people you meet everyday on the streets.
So how far can you go regarding internal stuff? what are you allowed to talk about and what not?
But you know slowly I also start to like that rather different work at the hospital. It's less stressful that's for sure, but on the other hand you can't really compare it, because what I do at my usual workplace and in the hospital is kinda different. Also time feels different.
When I work in the hospital time doesn't seem to pass by at all,
but at my usual workplace time is so precious that it simply runs away.
Also in the hospital you have more time to spend it with collegues..and you always know where they are...
while at my usual workplace, after you got your task you are like a lone wolf who is fighting against the time.
Sometimes it feels like many lone wolves, fighting against each other because if you were too slow to do it, another one will do it for you, but this is rather...well it's different working.
So I got to know about different types of teamwork.


Counti von Streit hat gesagt…

Das ist ein toller Blogeintrag, Doci ist so philosophisch ö_ö <3

Doci (・ω・)ノ hat gesagt…

Findest? XD Vllt sollt ich wirklich mein translation zeug sein lassen denn ich hab keine Lust und keine zeit für sowas (ーー;)

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