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[Hideki's ameblo] 2012-05-24 / 02:48:11

2012-05-24 / 02:48:11
Title: There wasn't enough time...

Today was the rehearsal for my solo live,
tried out different stuff and I already improved some parts.
The first solo rehearsal after such a long time, was honestly speaking troublesome....
But,I was grateful that Wuchy put so much of his efforts into it.
Also I got to understand how awesome K-A-Z-kun is for real.
I thought he's a man who just does things, but in the end
he's a man who is indeed capable to do it.
That's good I think...
Since I was born, I met many different people,
but K-A-Z-kun is outstanding.
It's just that he can't eat vegetable (laughs).
I wonder why.
Well, indeed I am Dracula but I am asking myself right now If I should go to bed for today's rehearsal.
Today I will try to work persistenly.
Oh by the way, the kinema livehouse is a livehouse with an awesome athmosphere.
That's what JOE-san told me.
What should I wear?
Something to show off?
A trumpet shell? [1]
What would you prefer?


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[1] No one actually got what he meant. lol


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