Samstag, 23. Juni 2012

I am sorry but...

I would continue translating Hideki's ameblo if I had the time to do so everyday and also the competence...but I don't have the time to do that everyday...It's like you know....some entries are so mysterious to least some sentences of his blogs recently are that... I never find out what they mean so I can't translate them. I can't translate something what I don't understand...I could translate what I think they mean but it doesn't mean it's what he really wanted to say because translating also always means to put some subjective thoughts of it into that.
I don't want and can't spend some hours of a day to translate several's just too..I don't know..I always forced myself to translate because I know that there are some people who read it...and I am sorry for those that I can't continue like this forever.
It worked out the last 1 1/2 years kind of because he never wrote everyday..there were months when he only wrote 4 times in the whole month. But he promised to himself to write his ameblo almost everyday so it's impossible for me to translate all of this...
Also like this I don't have time to use my blog anymore for my own stuff. Honestly my own blog rather looks like a blog full of Hideki translations...
but you know what I indeed can do is...writing about what he a short summary so you know what he is up to lately. Of course it's not really the same but it might be better than nothing at all.

For example today he wrote that he already finished the lyrics for the 3rd song and doesn't feel in the mood to write a lot a long entry because his mind is all busy with

Something personal...I was playing Spirit's cute but that's all about it. It's fucking boring to run around and do the same shit over and over again. Nothing fun at  But I want to play something enjoyable..I need something to relax XD


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