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[Hideki's ameblo] 2012-05-26 / 10:44:05

2012-05-26 / 10:44:05
Title: Refreshed. 

Finally I was able to sleep without thinking about time. Now I feel refreshed.
The extra live is also SOLD OUT. 

Thank you. 
All the profit I will gain through the extra live,
I will donate it to the live station for the musicians of tomorrow and for the development of the station.
Yoroshiku Onegaishimasu.
At any rate, what I think from the bottom of my heart, regarding everything is
"If you forgot about the entrance, there won't be an exit."
Why am I needed as a musician right now?
At times when I forgot the feeling where that entrance is and also forgot the reason why I came here this far,

I was suffering and struggling against myself because I didn't know anymore what I am,
at the time when I lost the reason why I came this far and lost the feeling for this "entrance".
If I think about it now, long time ago I also wrote in my blog "I will quit music".
The answer I have found back then and now is,
"If you forgot about the entrance, there won't be an exit"

At the time when I was busy with myself, I was thinking and telling myself "now I will spend time for myself only"
But afterwards, I heard a lot of rumours and regretted a lot.
Although it's also thanks to that person that I am doing music, 

even if that was unbearable, 
I asked myself why I didn't even try it.
Now, I am able to sing, without feeling regrets just when I live true to myself,

but there's a deeper meaning towards "not feeling regrets".
I will sing about that on my next album, so please try to get it from there.
Well, today I am going  to listen to the songs of the queen of ROCK and to JOE-san's Drums. 

Until then, of course I will exercise.
I think you won't be able to meet me anywhere except in live halls.
It's because I am trying to avoid crowds and change places quickly.
Even so sometimes I meet people  by accident and get requests to shake hands but,

apart from the SHIBUYA MAC incident, it's 100% requests by boys only.


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