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[Hideki's ameblo] 2012-06-03 / 16:59:56

2012-06-03 / 16:59:56
Title: Went to see a play
I went to see Amon Miyamoto's version of "Salome"
It was the first the time that I saw a play by Amon Miyamoto.
Was pretty enjoyable, unexpectely awesome

or perhaps I should say grotesque.
Yeah I learnt something.
Changing the topic. Everyone perfectely remembered 

the title "Cleopatra ni dakarete" (Hugged by Cleopatra).
Yes Yes...

That has a big impact on me....
Honestly, inside of me it's a feeling which pretty much came down to me

but it has no connection to the lyrics at all (laughs)
I like it but I think the surroundings will rather say
something like "Let me go! / Glve me a break!" ...
It's interesting that the sound in Uguisudani is totally different from ROCK. [1]
Also I didn't expect that I am able to say such stuff in a song at all,
so it has become kinda odd.
There were also a lot of people who came to see the live from far away.
Thank you.

orginal entry

[1] Uguisudani is the place / location of the Kinema Club..or rather I should say that the train station of Uguisudani is pretty close to the Clubhouse.. that's why hideki probably also called it Uguisudani? well well..there are things in this world I don't get anyway XD


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