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[Hideki's ameblo] 2012-05-14 / 08:53:35

2012-05-14 / 08:53:35
Title: Morning.

A DVD.....
is 100% impossible this time.
I am sorry.
But I put that wish/request on my mind.
A DVD is okay, but in the near future I want to do solo concerts in the whole country.
Also have plans regarding supporting members for those concerts,
but I won't be able to do it every month like I did so far, because
the responsibility I have to take by myself becomes bigger.
Instead, I am going to face that "one shot" strongly.
Well, today is monday, so today for sure! Have a good day!! Is it OK like this?
Not yesterday but today, not tomorrow but today!!
Feeling pain is just like an approach to something enjoyable!!
There is no time for a break, but
don't wait for your chance, just start it over!!
Go ahead, without shrinking in yourself!!

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