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[Hideki's ameblo] 2012-05-18 / 17:53:43

2012-05-18 / 17:53:43
Title: Hello

My daily life has started to slightly change so that it is not possible to become Dracula.
In 6 days the rehearsal will start.
Until then I must have finished the arrangement of the content, so I am busily working at that right now.
This takes a lot of time.
Anyhow this work doesn't fit me.
For example, I am good at battling my way through the jungle screaming full-throatedly with a machete in my hands
but I am bad at cleaning the road after it.
After looking at a dictionary of synonyms
I found: gunshot, chief of the kamikaze unit, short-tempered, impatient, Mr. balloon, Hideki
Well I saw the synonyms by accident (laughs).
But japanese is profound......
It's full with words I don't know and can't read yet.
In regard to lyrics-writing, it's wonderful that japanese works grammatically independent without becoming stereotypical,
but in regard to languages which convey the feelings of "attacking" with words well, English and Korean are maybe an advantage for ROCK?
Well, but I am glad I was born as Japanese!!
But preferably I think it would be good to throw away history and culture,
quitting Japanese and stick to English, on condition that English is the common language right now.
If we had one language all around the world,
we could travel, do business, have romantic love and arguments to a certain extent worldwide.
And I have the feeling that wars like right now would be over....
Does it sound sweet? [1]
My break is over.


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[1] Sweet..well I think with sweet in this case he means "naive" in regard to himself...thinking a united language would end the war etc...

Forgot the meaning of Mr. I am too lazy to look it up xD


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