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[Hideki's ameblo] 2012-05-22 / 14:31:05

2012-05-22 / 14:31:05
Title: It's wrong it's wong it's not like that not like that ♪

It's wrong (laughs).
I am persistent because I have to write the song, record the chorus and create
the data of the concert until the rehearsal will start tomorrow!
I have to do it and afterwards Dracula will go to bed!
But honestly speaking I already finished that one song's lyrics, 
that's why I will start recording the chorus now!
By the way, earlier I went to the combini and bought a new energy drink there.
Already drank it up and I must say that this one is bigger and more delicious than red bull.
Eeh? It's not a joke or something. 
Ah right. Earlier I also received a mail by god and he told me
"Hideki! The Kanji for douki isn't 同機. It is 同期!"
I have to write it correctly, right.
But? Why do Kanji exist?
I am already satisfied with Hiragana.
In fact, the time I used to learn for a kanji test,
I could have used to produce a whole album!
I was lying at this point.
I always met my friend
but he wasn't able to study either, so
we didn't teach each other anything but instead we started a catch ball tournament
in the middle of the night and all I remember is just
that I said "Can't they grade this ball instead of the test..."
In the end, out of 223 people, we both always vied for rank 222 and 223.
Naah! 雄大!
I have said it (laughs).
You might as well wanting to hear this guy's full name. It's Yamashita 雄大(laughs).
It's extremely laughable.
But in those moments when I thought "Hooray! I got one rank higher"
It was for sure that I only switched the rank with 雄大 (laughs)
We two are some amusing guys.
Ah~, we were just too stupid but cool in a weird(wrong) way.
You can't play catch (ball) seriously in the night before the exams!!
Sah, I think I am going to sing now!


original entry
雄大 - Don't know what is his right name because 雄大 can be read as yuudai, yuta, takehiro etc...lol


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