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[Hideki's ameblo] 2012-05-24 / 20:04:36

2012-05-24 / 20:04:36
Title: My voice is husky

My voice is husky.
Today Junpei and Aki came to help me to put the hardware in the hall.
Junpei was 20 when I met him for the first time, but now he's already 27.
Aki is 22. He's also singing very well.
Aki came to me with the request to become a roadie for me back then

but when I attempted to refuse him, I noticed that he also graduated from Setagaya Gakuen.
This made me think that we also have something in common....I think I already know him for roughly 2 years?
Right now I feel saved.

What I mean is, 
my boss contacted me
and told me that an awesome person will mix my album.
I didn't think at all that it turns out like this but

the time that my efforts are rewarded has surely come.
Speaking of music the melody and lyrics are naturally important

but the MIX is also important on the same level.
That's why I am giving my best.
Thanks to that, the possibility, to give an awesome sound to everyone, 

has become bigger again. 
There are things I have to do. See you!!


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