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[Hideki's ameblo] 2012-05-24 / 11:55:42

2012-05-24 / 11:55:42
Title: Morning!

Today I had more time for rehearsal
so I will easily get ready!
Of course I already have all of the songs on my mind.
aah~ There is nothing to be afraid of~~~~~!
that it turns out to be too cool, what should I do....
I can't marry everyone.....
Unfortunately I only have one pair of lips.
That's a sin.
In the society, two-timers are bashed....
Speaking of Seibu's Wakui, although he's single, he was demoted to the second team.
Will I be demoted to the 600th team?
Do I also have 600 lovers at the same time?
Such a thing doesn't exist I guess...
Well, I will come along seriously.


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Sometimes Hideki talks about a lot of shit no one can follow and =_=

I tried to find something about Seibu's Wakui..a baseball player..but I can't remember if I was right. I think he was playing in 2 teams at the same time which became an issue.


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