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[Hideki's ameblo] 2012-05-23 / 03:33:29

2012-05-23 / 03:33:29
Title: Finished!

Like this I can start tomorrow's (today's) rehearsal without problems.
Indeed I am tired and the inside of my ear hurts.
Ah~ but I don't care about that....
This time it was quite troublesome but I feel a sense of accomplishment.
Well that's how it is with everything.

Different topic but, I was really moved about Kyokutenhou's victory.
Earlier, Kyokutenhou appeared on TV.
His Japanese doesn't feel strange although he's originally from Mongolia
but what's the most impressive is that he is pretty funny. (laughs)
That's why I only supported Kokutenho.
That person is probably also nice towards his pupils. 
That's what I thought while watching it.
You know after he won, all people around him were cryinng loudly.
Seeing that scene on 1-SEG in a restaurant, made me also cry loudly there.
It seemed to me that also those people in the hall, supported kyokutenhou more than the other japanese rikishi.
Are there people here, who watch sumo....?
The next lines are about some solar eclipse I didn't experience! 
Did you all see it?
I personally didn't care at all for it and wasn't even in the mood to open the curtains.
Well, how was it?
Was it beautiful? Didn't it end with "Ah~ it's overlapping"?
I guess at this point, lovers couldn't hold back
getting romantic.
Well that's good.
Well maybe.....
Maybe on stage Wuchy's and Youth-K's faces will also overlap...?


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