Samstag, 26. Mai 2012

That douchebag called my sister's hubby.

Seriously my own life is not exciting lately either.
It's the usual thing. Less freetime, much work, a lot of travelling from A to B and B to A.
Well now I have 3 days off....chilling :D

Anyway what made me shock today is the fact that my sister's hubby is such an idiot.
You know on thursday evening my mum wrote a message to my sister and the hubby of my sister wrote it.
Actually she wrote something kind of ...harmless?
She just wrote that she wants to have breakfast with a grand-child(ren) on she invited them and my sister to come for breakfast indirectly...
but since she didn't write the name of my sister's hubby he's all pissed off. lol acting like a child.
I know well that my mum needs a lot of time to write a message on the cellphone and she also says so by herself that this wasn't her intention at all but wtf
I don't get him...
Well my mum is not to be blamed so there is no reason for her to apologize either.
Also if I am honest, it might be only me but I don't need him in my life.
I don't need people who bring trouble and an unpleasent athmosphere into my family. He's definitely not part of my family. no don't need to think "But he's the husband of your sister!" I know that but I also know that my sister isn't as happy as she should be. She also has troublesome times with him..
His behaviour is also pretty annoying to her and to us, sometimes.
Immature, bitterly jealous, mean, lazy...well I am used to the fact that my sister always ends up with the wrong guys but this guy is pretty one of the worst she had so far, speaking of his attitude towards anything.
Actually, I shouldnt talk like this about him here maybe but it's also my business because in the end he's also part of my life even if I don't want to.
If he was a nice guy, I would probably be glad that he is, but as things are now, I am not.

Well people in general seem weird to me.
Just recently I realized that it's easier to see flaws and individuality regarding personality.
This makes it even harder for me to become friends or something with people.
Some of them might be nice but on the other hand they have this kind of attitude which is unlikeable and troublesome to me which doesn't make me want to get closer to them.
Well it's probably also because I feel like having the time to deal with anything which is a potential trouble-maker in my life right now.
Life is stressful enough, so I want to keep trouble and more stress regarding time as low as possible.

And oh regarding Hideki's ameblo.
I am working on it. It's just that I wasn't home and didn't have time to update the latest 5 entries...also because they are kinda larger entries.....
But I can already give keywords what they are about: Polygamy, Sumo, Solar Eclipse, Rehearsal stress..well that's mainly about it.

I am off...goodnight xD


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