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[Hideki's ameblo] 2012-05-25 / 13:14:01

2012-05-25 / 13:14:01
Title: Hello.
My voice my voice  ♪ revived properly.
I think these days it's uncommon to put leeks around your neck (laughs) [1]
Ah right!! Yesterday when I went to the rehearsal
I met the drummer Nagai by accident!!
I know he's living close to me but finally I was able to meet him.
Also it's a long time ago,
but when I entered a ramen shop, there was the professional wrestler Tenzan eating ramen.
There were a lot of free seats but I decided to sit on the seat next to him and then we ate together.
Of course that's only my own impression.
Also tomorrow the normal sale for the extra concert will start.
Yoroshiku Onegaishimasu.



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[1] It is/was a tradition in Japan to put a leeks bandage around your neck when you have a throat cold that's why he's probably talking about leeks xD

With Drummer Nagai he probably means the drummer of Glay. 


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